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May 6, 2008 12:35 PM

HELP! Sat night for dinner for 5 ppl.

HELP! I need to find a restaurant for this Sat night for dinner for 5 ppl. I don't want it to be too expensive because I'm going to be picking up the tab. I would like a place with live entertainment. No Italian restaurants!

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    My boyfriend and I went there last weekend and had a great time. We ordered five tapas plates and the mojito mussles along with five cocktails and the bill was 104.00 with tax and the $ 5 per head music fee. The food was fantastic, if you want the tapas plates try the stuffed calamari it was wonderful. There is also their version of a Prix Fix called the Blue Plate that is $ 30 per person.

    1. Quigley's at Beach and Queen has a reasonable menu and live music.

      1. Grab a seat on the patio at the Hard Rock at Yonge-Dundas. Nothing more entertaining than some of the people that walk\hang out there.

        You can even make your own entertainment - glue some loonies down near the fountains and see what people will do to get them.

        1. I have no idea what you have in mind entertainment-wise, but I went to Embrujo Flamenco (on Danforth at Broadview) for a birthday party once and quite enjoyed it. They have live flamenco dancing/music and fairly reasonably-priced tapas (which I found to be quite tasty, though not a life-changing culinary experience). My only complaint was that our waiter convinced us we needed far more dishes than we really did - my advice is order conservatively and then order more, if necessary.

          1. They have some kind of French cabaret live entertainment at Marcel's Bistro and the menu looks reasonably priced -

            Marcel's Bistro
            315 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA