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May 6, 2008 12:17 PM

Filipino Restaurant in Montreal?

Hi fellow hounds,
The wife and I will be in Montreal for the Grand Prix, I usually pine for Filipino food after indulging in the local restaurant specialties.
Are there any Filipino restaurants in Montreal and the vicinity?
we will be driving from Boston

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  1. Here's the most recent discussion on the topic:

    As you can tell there aren't that many filipino restaurants to speak of here in Montreal.

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      thank you mainsqueeze for the link.
      let's see if we still have the urge to eat Filipino after eating the frites and moules and the pork specialties at APDC, but I am looking forward to Schwartz <sp?> again, We usually go and get the roasted meats after checking in, they are the best, I just recently had some pastrami at Katz and I want to taste Schwratz meats again to compare.
      am looking forward to the pattisseries a dn boulangeries and the bagels!

    2. Go on Victoria St. at Papa Filipino restaurant or Pearl of Manila Restaurant. There is also one on Van horne, it is 1 min from there that it is called Bahay Kubo.

      There are good, don't expect huge place but there are decent. I liked the Papa filipino, they opened on november 2008. Nice people and the place is big.