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May 6, 2008 12:11 PM

Wing Night Specials

Who do you think has the best wing night specials in the East End or Beaches area - i mean half-price nights.

We've tried Wise Guys , and they're pretty good. Going to try Hargraves on the Danforth tomorrow night.

Usually we'll get wings at Occasions when in the mood, but they don't have any specials on those.

Thanks for any input. (p.s. i really prefer baked wings with lemon on the side)

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  1. Baked wings with lemon on the side sound interesting....where do you get them Jay98?

    1. I've heard Brass Taps has a pretty good wing night. That's on the Danforth.

      1. millygirl, you can get them baked with lemon on the side at Occasions. Just ask whoever is serving you.

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        1. Occasions is on Eastwood, which is located at Coxwell & Lower Gerrard.

          Now, on to our chicken wings at Hargraves on the Danforth, North Side, just west of Greenwood.

          Arrived around 5:15. Hubby ordered wings medium, and i ordered wings plain with lemon slices on the side.

          The baskets contained 7 or 8 wings, full of very tasty french fries underneath, and carrot & celery sticks. Those baskets were $4.00 each. Along with one Creemore & one Keith's, the bill was $21.00.

          Very tasty rainy night Wednesday special, and not sorry we gave them a whirl.