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May 6, 2008 12:08 PM

Halloween - Change - TITANIC!

Well, looks like the theme for this year's serious blow-out is "Titanic" and holy-cow is it already getting pricy.

Here's the scoobie so far. We're all dressing Titanic (duh), but some are survivors and some are victims. We've rented a balcony room at the Driskill for people watching and the renewal of vows (holy CRAP, the ROOM ALONE is $550!!!)

We'd like to have a nice dinner, or go to different places for each course (that sounds more fun). The obvious choice would be to have dinner downstairs at the Driskill, but I'm concerned now that I don't know anything about the new chef. Of course, there's no rush yet to make reservations, but...

We would like to hit multiple venues during the course of the night, but 6th is probably VERY young for us (we're 40's). We were thinking of one of the stops being the Peacock Lounge, but want to keep with the theme of the party.

This is going to be our last super-big (cost-wise) Halloween, so (mostly) money is no object.


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  1. I was looking forward to the 7 deadly sins report, but this one should be interesting as well!

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    1. re: amykragan

      7 deadly sins got too complicated...couldn't figure out how to do it where if one of us wasn't around we'd get the dreaded "What are you?" that's SOOO everyone wanted to be lust. LOL

      Ohh!!! Love the idea of Parkside. Maybe another course at Eddie V's? Carriage ride to each of them?

    2. Parkside for the oysters (and other raw bar choices) should fit in well for anyone stuck drowning on the Titanic.

      Not sure about other interesting Titantic themes. It might be interesting to talk the Drafthouse Ritz into showing Titantic and having a couple of themed entrees for that.

      Sounds like a fun idea. I'm curious to hear other's replies.

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      1. re: Carter B.

        That would be awesome! I know they do private events and you could work with them to customize your meal. Nice suggestion Carter!

        1. re: Carter B.

          Hmm. And they're right down the street, too...

          1. re: Carter B.

            or one of the earlier film versions like A Night to Remember.

          2. Here's first blush:

            Eddie V's
            Louis 106
            Saba (Blue Water - get it?)
            Fado (just for a beer)

            maybe Three Forks (because of the interior design)

            Thinking about having a course at each location, but this may actually be too many places. What's your favorite at each place? Also thinking of ending at the Driskill, so we can retire to the balcony and people watch with dessert/drinks.

            1. Okay, folks. Now I just need to know your favorites at each place.

              First: Louis 106 for appetizer soup or salad
              Second: Parkside for appetizer, soup or salad
              Third: Eddie V's for the main course

              PROBLEM: Starlight and Driskill close to early to make dessert. I need a dessert place after Eddie V's, figure around 10:00

              Retire to Driskill - Nightcaps on the balcony.

              C'mon guys - what are the standout dishes for each stop? Best spot to reserve in each place?

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              1. re: amysuehere

                I've already mentioned the raw bar at Parkside. Both kinds of oysters we had there were top notch (Olympia and another one I can't recall).

                It's been ages since I've been to Louis 106 and I remember liking their mussels.

                As for dessert, is 1886 Cafe at the Driskill open? We've enjoyed their lemon chiffon cake multiple times. Else, I suggest returning to Parkside if permissible and trying their vaunted doughnut holes (haven't had them) or the snicker's influenced dessert (had it and it was pretty good. B+ range). You might check to see if Trio is open or maybe even the lobby bar at the Four Seasons. The dessert I had at Trio I recall being good but I'm having a hard time placing it.

                1. re: Carter B.

                  Nope, Starlight and the Driskill are closed by the time we get out of Eddie V's.

                  Thanks for the ideas. I look foward to Parkside. I've never been there before. Absolutely to the oysters.

                2. re: amysuehere

                  Anybody had dessert at Old Pecan Street lately?

                3. What about the huckleberry dessert at Roaring Fork? Can't remember exactly if it is a bread pudding or a cobbler but it's served with vanilla bean ice cream. It's been a while but at the time I remember thinking it was yummy.