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May 6, 2008 11:50 AM

Recommendations near King/Yonge?

My sister is looking for lunch and dinner recommendations for the King/Yonge area, shes staying around that area for a long weekend at the end of the month. Her limit is $60 per meal (tax and tip included) and she does not drink alcohol. She likes all types of food, especially Seafood, but Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc.), Italian and French would be preferred.

Thanks in advanced.

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  1. Beerbistro has good food, but most of it has beer in it.
    Romagna Mia has decent Italian and is quiet, not too far at George/Front.
    Salad King/Linda (thai) is doable on Gould - walkable, quick ccab, or subway. Chinatown isn't far to get to.
    Queen W has some decent Indian and Japanese places (Crispy Rolls, Sushi Time).
    I've heard Takesushi on Front/Yonge has great sushi.
    Irish Embassy for lunch might be ok - not as busy and loud compared to the early evening.
    The food at JK Wine Bar is outstanding. Even without the wine it might be worth it... maybe.

    1. I second Beerbistro and Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar

      There is also Starfish for oysters/seafood on Adelaide St E just west of Jarvis on the North Side
      Also, for Italian, there is Terroni on Adelaide east of Yonge on the south side

      1. Takesushi is good for lunch

        I had a really enjoyable lunch at Six Steps on Colborne a couple weeks ago (included ceviche and a great club sandwich).

        I like Beerbistro also.

        1. For Italian, I'd recommend Mercatto, which is located on Toronto Street (two blocks East of the King & Yonge intersection).
          Excellent thin-crust pizzas, good pasta and very nice selection of Italian wines by the glass.

          1. I would second JK Wine Bar, Beer Bistro and Terroni, all great choices.

            Another place that is good is Biff's on Front east of Yonge for French Bistro food.