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May 6, 2008 11:32 AM

earthy, crunchy in seattle

Will be in Seattle next weekend for first time. Looking for rustic, earthy bakeries with great breads, scones & the like. Any favorites?

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  1. Mary, Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle is your Chowhound destination.
    A silver medal second would be Boulangerie Nantaise on 4th Avenue in Seattle.

    1. I love the breads at our neighborhood bakery: Columbia City Bakery. The walnut levain is wonderful.

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      1. re: ceester

        Second Columbia City Bakery, best bread in the city.

      2. For pastry, Cafe Besalu, in Ballard, is top-drawer, with Bakery Nouveau in the same tier. Nuveau won our local croissant taste-off, but only by a nose over Besalu, and it wasn't clear if the drive across the bridge caused that. Besalu won top honors for chocolate croissant; each of these shops presents fabulous fruit pastries, too. Also near the top for pastry are Boulangerie, Le Panier, and Le Fournil.
        For rustic breads, my antique habits keep me at Great Harvest, but it feels like there isn't a neighborhood hereabouts lacking a fine bakery.
        Ballard has Tallgrass, Wallingford has Essential, Sand Point has Great Harvest, West Seattle has Bakery Nuveau, and I imagine you are not far from really good bread, wherever you are.
        For good coffee in a comfortable space, the best blueberry muffin ever, and an astounding marionberry scone, see Irwin's at 40th and Bagley, in Wallingford.

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          The big bonus of Besalu is that Tall Grass is right next door (not to mention the couple loaves of tall grass they have on the shelf anyways), so after getting the pastry, you can wander next door and grab a nice loaf.

        2. Macrina is still my favorite in town, and they have a great variety of breads, baked goods, and more.

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            Macrina is my favorite as well and the scones are spectacular.