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Sep 26, 2002 11:36 PM

Korean yogurt

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Next time any of you are at the new Koreatown Galleria, save some room for the frozen yogurt at the Wien bakery downstairs. I know, frozen yogurt is food for babies and invalids, but this stuff really tasted fresh and tangy. It also helped me forget the stringy, cartilagenous fish I had just eaten on top of cold sweet potato noodles up in the food court. Even my Korean sister-in-law was scared. Anyone know what species I ate?

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  1. They no longer have the yogurt... utterly disappointing.

    1. They also no longer have fun foodie items over by the fresh orange juice machine -- on the far side. They used to have fresh pumpkin taffy during the Fall months, and I remember a few other fun items. For the past couple years I have seen nothing except peanuts and orange juice. Sometimes they also have some dried fish snacks.

      1. This fish might have been skate, it has a fair amount of cartilage.

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          Badseed -- I didn't examine it and just assumed that it was dried cuttlefish or squid. Now you have my curiosity and I will check it next time I am there.

          Is skate a popular fish to dry and package? How does it differ in taste and texture from squid?

        2. I think you're talking about hwae naeng myun? It's skate wing but it's not dried.

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            I will look next time I am there. Thanks for your response.