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May 6, 2008 11:14 AM

Graduation Dinner in DC/Maryland area

I'll be graduating with my Master's in a few weeks and am looking for a place that my family (parents and grandmother) and I can celebrate. I live in the DC area, and they're from Howard County, so any place with great food for $20 or less an entree in DC, Ho Co, or Mo Co would be great. Just to give you an idea of my tastes (my family's more conservative-I think I could get them to do Spanish food, but sushi is questionable), I've been dying to go to Zantinya or Ray's for awhile now, but since I'm in grad school my usual splurge is Jaleo or Raku.

Oh, and if lunch would work better instead, that's totally cool!

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  1. I love Rays the Classic's but unless you can do the bar specials, won't meet your budget. Zantinya just doesn't strike me as graduation dinner material.

    Lunch -- Central would be great, but if you get anything extra (and you must get the Kit Kat bar) the price can rise pretty quickly.

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      What's the Kit Kat bar? No description on the website.

      1. re: kelarry

        It is a magical dessert! It looks like an oversized kitkat bar (think a 10 inch ish version of the big kat bar), and its layers of hazelnut chocolate cream, crispy wafers, covered in chocolate. Its delicious!