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May 6, 2008 10:54 AM

St Petersburg Beach pre-wedding eats

Looking for a great place for apps and drinks for about 30 people near Don Cesar Hotel. It's a few days before a wedding and looking for not too divey, not too cheesy, not too pretentious, tasty food. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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  1. Crazy Conch Cafe on Tierra Verde is great. Not sure about a party of 30 though. I think if you google them they have a website.

    1. try black palm in pass-a-grille. good tapas, nice cocktails. mangia has good food, esp. if you have some vegetarians in your party, but i dont know about a crowd that size. patricks bayside grill has a terrific bar and i could make a meal off of a few of their apps, but again the crowd size is a question--prob depends on the night of the week. at least look at their menu and think about it...its a really good joint. i know a lot of people like the hurricane (also in pass a grille) and while im not a fan other people seem to be.

      1. Jenny--I just got married at the Don three weeks ago. We had a get together like what you're doing at Gators on the Pass. It was a great atmosphere, good food, good drinks, and reasonably priced. We were able to completely rent out the top bar area for the evening. we had about 30 people and it worked perfectly.

        1. Check out Oyster Shucker

          We love it. Nice people, excellent food. Give them a call.
          It's on Corey which is north of the Don. About a 5 minute drive.

          1. Thanks everyone!! This is so, so helpful!