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May 6, 2008 10:51 AM

Recent dinner experiences at: Perilla, Cookshop, Prune, Tides?

I'm trying to pick a place for a birthday dinner, and hoping you all can help.

There will be six of us, ranging from very adventurous to not so adventurous. I'm thinking some place comfortable and relaxed, where everyone will be satisfied. Probably nothing too loud or too dark, or any place where we'll feel rushed.

Has anyone recently had dinner at Perilla, Cookshop, Prune, or Tides? Any thoughts? Any of them firing on all cylinders lately (or, alternatively, lost a step)?

(Also, any place else that fits my description? I'm thinking 5 Points also, but never had dinner at the other places, so figured I'd ask about those primarily.)


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  1. I have not been to any of the others, but Perilla is as wonderful as ever.

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    1. re: rrems

      tides is a fav of mine and others on here.. if you search it you'll find good stuff...

    2. 5 points and cookshop are same owner/chef if that helps

      1. ive been to perilla and cookshop recently and tides in the past. tides is sort of small...a table of 6 would sort of command the room for better or worse. my food was ok but it was nearly 3 years ago and no one seems to talk about tides these days.

        perilla is probably the one id go with...i go out a lot and find myself at perilla nearly more than any other restaurant. its good for dates, family, friends...get the duck...

        cookshop is a great place too...i love it for drinks and whatnot but the location is far west so unless yr doing something nearby, its a pain. and the food, while good, isnt amazing. its very solid though.

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          I've been to Perilla and Cookshop. Both are good, but I'd recommend Perilla hands down.

        2. I love Cookshop's brunch, but have not had great dinner experiences there.

          1. I went to Perilla two nights ago for dinner and it was a great experience. The service was great and I did not feel rushed in the slightest. Highly recommended.