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May 6, 2008 10:49 AM

Where can I find Queso Chihuahua in North County?

I recently moved from Chicago to Carlsbad, and I'm missing my Supremo brand of Chihuahua cheese. Although I've been to numerous Mexican markets, I can't find it. Any suggestions? Also, where can I buy the best Chorizo in the area?

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  1. Hey Leah

    Welcome to San Diego. I am pretty certain QC aka Mennonita is available at the former El Tigre Chain, now Northgate Gonzalez at their Vista, Escondido, or Fallbrook Locations. I think it is sold by the piece in case next to the carneceria.

    I would check out the corn husk tied chorizo at these places too. The one I get from the Fallbrook store is really good.

    Buena suerte

    1. Supremo brand Mexican cheeses can sometimes be found here in SD, I've seen them on occasion at Pancho Villa which is on El Cajon Blvd. where it crosses the 805. Not close to you, but if you're ever in the area drop by and check to see if they've got it. I think I've also seen them at the mega Northgate on 43rd, off the 805, which is also pretty far south from Carlsbad.

      The regional brand most often seen is El Mexicano, which is based out of the Sacramento area. I believe they do make a Chihuahua and you may have better luck finding that product. If it's a melting cheese you're looking for, try a quesillo or experiment with the El Mexicano Enchilado, just cut off the outer coating of enchilada spices.

      1. Hey There Leahsift! Former Chicagoan as well here.

        Maybe try El Torrito Market on 101 in Leucadia? (not to be confused with the el torito restaurant chain)

        And if you like carnitas, while there, get yourself a pound. Delicious!

        1. Thanks! This is all very helpful. I've tried El Torrito Market on 101 in Leucadia--no luck. I'll just work my way down the list until I find one!

          1. Pata Negra in PB (sorry, not North County) has some fantastic Chorizos. They're Spanish chorizos though so I'm not sure if that would suit your desires.