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May 6, 2008 10:08 AM

Virginia cookbooks

good afternoon,
can anyone recommend a good, locally themed cookbook that i can get to take back to a michigan wedding this weekend?
Vegetable heavy preferred (little to no fried) and simple.
it can be Virginia themed or have a Virginia story (Richard, Andres, Inn at Little Washington...). Not Andres Tapas book.

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  1. Either of Patrick O'Connell's cookbooks would fit the bill and are lovely enough to be a coffee table book or the like.

    1. This should be just what your looking for. Monica Bhide is a local food blogger and writer. She writes A Life of Spice
      Here's her Indian Cookbook. I have it and it's great-lots of veggie dishes and easy to follow.

      I also have The Virginia Bed and Breakfast Cookbook, which would be a nice gift for newlyweds.

      1. The Congressional Club Cookbook's 14th edition has recently been published. It's always an interesting collection of recipes from Presidents, Cabinet Members, Senators and Congressmen - and their wives, of course - and it's been published since 1927.
        Like all collections, some of the recipes are much better than others and a few are downright clunkers.
        Can't think of any that are much more "local" than this one for our really "local" industry.

        There are a couple of good Junior League cookbooks for the Tidewater area. In general, traditional Virginia food and the foods of the Upper South are terribly under-appreciated.

        1. Edna Lewis: A Taste of Country Cooking and In Pursuit of Flavor.
          Or you could get a historical /fun book if your giftee is so inclined.
          Marion Cabell Tyree's Housekeeping in Old Virginia is a great read and a fascinating look into the past.
          Others are the Robert E Lee Family Cooking and Housekeeping Book and Thomas Jefferson's Cookbook.

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            Second Edna Lewis. Also recommend Lewis and Scott Peacock, The Gift of Southern Cooking. Beautiful book, wonderful recipes, and really well-written. Much of Miss Lewis' Virginia heritage is on display. A great gift book.