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May 6, 2008 10:05 AM

Lunch around Grand Central


I recently started work on Park Avenue near Grand Central and am not familiar with good eats in the area. I want to find out what places are good for lunch and reasonably priced. Some things that I'd like to consider are:
-Timely service
-Price under $30
-Walking distance
-Delivery sometimes
-Don't want to wait too long

It doesn't really matter what type of cousine it is.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. My favorite everyday restaurant in the area is Phoenix Garden for Chinese.
    Sukhadia--Veg Indian.
    Good Burger--good milkshakes.
    I like the Amish market on 45th btw 2nd and 3rd.
    Pampano for Mexican--but not sure how quick their lunch would be.
    Chola has a very nice Indian buffet lunch but that's a little farther from Grand Central.

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      Pampano Taqueria is an offshoot of Pampano. Better quick lunch option...

    2. I used to work on 46th street and the only thing I really miss food wise that falls into your catagories (except they do not deliver or didn't when I was there) is Osm/B.
      Fun, good, tasty rice balls, good soup and extras.
      Definitely worth checking out.

      Also Grand Central Market has some good food, Dishes and Wild Edibles.

      Osteria Laguna has some good italian but might be too pricey

      A must is sushi yasuda, can do a pre fix for about $25 but does not meet other specifications, go when you have a bit of time

      1. Menchanko Tei on E 45th street for Ramen