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May 6, 2008 09:57 AM

Good Ramen, finally!

For those who have been craving good ramen like I have, Matuba (Japanese restaurant in Bethesda that has been around for years), is finally serving pretty authentic ramen. It is only available on Sunday afternoons, for the time being, as apparently it takes the chef 6 hours to make the broth. Their char shu was pretty decent, too.
I used to go up to NY to get a good bowl, but this is pretty close to the real thing.I also like Daruma's ramen; they also put in more toppings, but now we have a choice!!!!

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  1. ooooo, sounds awesome!

    next sunday i'm there.

    1. good to hear. Is there any reason why they picked Sunday afternoons to prepare this?

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      1. re: Ericandblueboy

        From talking to the owner, they are too busy on the other days.....hopefully, if it takes off, they can expand it to other days......the ramen is $10.00, and they also have a lunch special ramen/roll combo for $14.00.....I think their ramen is far superior to Temari's........

      2. Great news. Thanks for the tip. Almost looking forward to rainy,cold weather tomorrow or next Sunday to really get in the mood for a good bowl of ramen.

        1. Tabemono, please be more specific about time frame during "Sunday afternoon" that we can get ramen. I typically have to go up to NYC for my ramen fix (Menchanko-Tei) and am delighted there may be a place closer for some good ramen! When do they run out? Can we go for dinner (around 6pm) and still get ramen at Matuba?

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          1. re: pleen

            As far as I know, the notice states "limited amount", I imagine basically until it runs out, during lunch,...since they just started, I think they are trying to get a feel for whether it's a succes or not, and running out all depends on how many orders they get.... but whether they serve it for dinner (it they don't run out), I don't know...certainly once could call, and....I believe it's only available in Bethesda, as the chef works at the Bethesda location...happy slurping!!!...

            1. re: tabemono

              I just checked their Web site (, and their lunch hours on Sunday are 12:00 to 3:00. This is new for them, as they previously weren't open for Sunday lunch.

          2. Is it offered at the Matuba on Columbia Pike in Arlington?