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May 6, 2008 09:57 AM

Jay Dee Bakery on QB in Rego Park. Closed?

This place has the best rainbow cookies in the world. Unfortunately, the storefront is papered over and the sign in the window says "For Sale." It also says "Closed for Passover" which is odd because Passover has ended and if they weren't planning on reopening, why say "Closed for Passover"? I was able to peak inside and see that the interior is undergoing a gut renovation. It would be so sad if this bakery were to close after more than 50 years in business, albeit with different owners over the years. Does anyone know the scoop here? I know they had problems with the health department a few months back and had to close for a couple of weeks, but they reopened after that.

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  1. I always thought the place was a poison pit---stuff was stale, and the stuff in the window was downright nasty looking...the other JayDee on 63rd rd closed awhile back as well, but they had one good thing which was fresh whipped cream filled chocolate eclairs--never knew this Jay Dee actually had good rainbow cookies---the place was just so grungy looking--and I remember years ago someone posting about a cake they bought full of mold inside---geez, all that lamb fat, and rainbow cookies, too? You've got a good constitution, is all I can say!! :)

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      LOL Janie. I have a horrible constitution. I'm slowly rotting from the inside from all the crap I stuff down my gullet, but when I go, I will have a smile on my face. ;) All of their cookies were actually quite good. The chocolate lace cookies were also excellent. I will miss having it so close.

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        I recently saw some incredible rainbow cookies somewhere recently and I'm blanking out where...they were expensive, but looked so moist and soft and will come back to me and I will post where it was......

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          Janie, since you're the Forest Hills maven, how are the rainbow cookies at Bonelle? They've looked pretty tasty each time I've gone in, but I've always opted for one of the pastries which vary from mediocre to quite good.

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            I've tried Bonnelle a few times, and I'm not a fan of the place, ---but try them out and see, as they do have some love here on this board. Now that we've got Cannelle, I head over to JH for my pastry fix. And I go to Andre's--in fact, they used to have rainbow cookies, not sure if they do stil or not, but they would be worth a taste---stll hasn't come to me, the place I saw....but it will....

    2. JayDee is indeed closed for good and whatever the quality in recent years it is sad nonetheless. It truly was one of the last of it's kind. A serious throwback to what the neighborhood was like when my parents grew up here in the 50's and 60's. Something comforting about the faux cakes in the window, the art-deco tiling, the old time cash register - and yes - the rainbow cookies. One of the last pieces of mid-century Jewish New York still kicking - now sadly gone.

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        Have very fond memories of the one in Jackson Heights. My mother and I esp. liked its sponge cake. Agree with you that it's an old-fashioned bakery--a "serious throwback" that doesn't come around anymore. The ones that try to capture this particular zeitgeist come up either really short, kitschy and pricey.

      2. I just read elsewhere that this place is renovating and reopening under new ownership--anyone know anything?

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        1. re: Shayna Madel

          GREAT NEWS - I called today and they have been open for 4 days - yum!!


        2. Early on, when I moved to the neighborhood, I had a weakness for their Hamentashen. Haven't had one in years, though. I had noted, when walking past, that the place was looking a tad worse for wear. Brownie points for the vintage Jay Dee sign above the door, though. Where do you ever see that anymore. Gringers, in the east village, maybe, but the great old neon signs are fast going the way of VHS, rotary phones, phone booths, LPs and Good Humor Ice Cream trucks.

          But then, we were talking bakeries, weren't we?

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          1. re: Polecat

            I went past today and the renovations look nearly complete. They've added a couple of tables and put in new counters. The neon sign is still there. Looks like they'll re-open in a few weeks.

            1. re: el jefe

              ya the place looks good, with a whole cafe area and it looks like, they tacked on a letter in the window, that they got their kosher certification. lots of pastry cases inside. hmmmmmm.