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Sep 26, 2002 07:06 PM

Okonomiyaki in LA?

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Looking for a Japanese restaurant in LA that serves Okonomiyaki. Had it once years ago at a small place on Sawtelle and Olympic (long-since closed). Found an old LA Times article that mentioned Tombo in Torrance and Takoyaki Gen in Little Tokyo as the only two places in LA that serve it. Anyone had okonomiyaki at either of those places? Any other other places that serve it?


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  1. Takoyaki is closed. I've never visited Tombo but it is VERY easy to make at home and all the ingredients are available in the Japanese supermarket in Little Tokyo.

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      takoyaki closed because they were asked to sign another 7 year contract and the owners didn't wanna tie themselves down...
      tombo is a really small place... it's run by a japanese family. the menu is not as creative as takoyaki gen (with chili cheese etc.) and they don't speak very good english... the okonomiyakis aren't as good as takoyaki's as well.. may give it a try if you really want the pancakes ;)

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      This is the only one I could find....Tombo 2106 W Artesia Bl Torrance, CA 90504 310-324-5190. It's a shame that okonomiyaki isn't more popular here....I especially like the thin okonomiyaki with yakisoba in the middle. In Japan, they've gotten really creative with this dish, using things like mochi chunks and cheese in the traditional mix. I agree that it is cheap and simple to make at home, but eating it out is a great group activity too. Good luck!

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        there are two others that i know of:

        2383 W. Lomita Blvd, #102
        Lomita, CA 90717

        and another one that opened at Mitsuwa in Torrance. don't know the name, but it's along the east wall in the food court...

        Mitsuwa Torrance
        21515 Western Ave.
        Torrance, CA 90501

      2. You guys make it sound good. What exactly is Okonomiyaki?

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          Okonomiyaki literally means "as you like (fried)." The base of this pancake-like concoction is flour, water, eggs and cabbage. Just mix as you would pancake batter, and put a cup of the mixture onto a hot griddle. This is where the "as you like" part comes in. You can use pork (bacon, ham) strips, thinly sliced beef, scallops, shrimp- you get the idea. Usually you lay the meat or seafood on the griddle, pour batter on top, then add other toppings- the most common being dried seaweed, bonito flakes, Japanese mayo (don't even think about using Best Foods on this my friend!) and tonkatsu or okonomiyaki sauce. There are many variations these days- cheese and mochi, which I mentioned earlier, make it nice and gooey. Another great version is to pour the batter over some yakisoba, then flip it over until the noodles get nice and crispy. Throw a little pork in it and you've got a meal, and eat it while it is piping hot! I can't really think of any dish that is similar to okonomiyaki.....think of it as a savory pancake with endless possiblities.

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            Here's a description from an old post, with an ensuing thread on the mayonaise. Cheers.


        2. Thanks, crumpet, tokyoastrogirl and Joe B., for the info. I'm looking forward to trying out these new places.