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Redbones- any suggestions?

Off to Redbones for dinner tonight. Looked at their menu, and am at a loss as to what to order! I am by no means an expert on BBQ- i usually only have BBQ on my trips to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. there are four of us, so we probably get a good selection. Need help especially with the apps and sides. TIA

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  1. I like their homemade sausage with a side of potato salad, washed down with a Goombay Smash. The brisket can be hit or miss, when they're on it's great but that's not always the case.

    1. I like their fried oysters.

      1. I like the buffalo shrimp for an app.

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          Have to agree on these. Not really a downhome bbq side but really good. If the beer list is accurate I would go for one of the Great Divide IPA's.

        2. I like their fried stuff - okra, french fries, etc. Succotash is good, soupy. Mac and cheese is the gooey, cheesy kind. I like the standard Memphis ribs, and the jerk beef when it's spicy (sometimes it's really hot). And, of course, the beer.

          1. Start with the wings, well done with extra sauce. Next have a two meat combo platter with Jerk Beef (Can be very spicy) and Pulled Pork. Add a side of Mac & Cheese and a couple of Bear Racer #5's to wash the food down. This is my go to meal, sometimes I substitute the Arkansas Ribs for the pulled pork.

            1. Thanks everyone- lots of good suggestions. We should be able to get a great meal using lots of these tips

              1. And definatly sit at the little bar in the dining room, watching them do the bbq - it's fun and they usually share what they're cooking with ya - might get to sample other stuff.

                I love the buffelo shrimp, fried okra, fried catfish fingers. I think they have a sampler appetiser that includes these items.

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                  Thanks for the tup. Sounds like fun

                2. I agree that, if possible, sit at the bar by the grill. Not too much scenery as your back is to the room but if you ask nicely you can usually get samples! And the smell is great!
                  If you are extremely hungry, or like left-over BBQ, do the BBQ Belt. It's a huge sampler. For something different try the Catfingers (I love that name) with the superb dipping sauce.

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                    Well- I iwill be hungry- knowing I was doing a carnivore feast, I am only doing fruit and yogurt today.

                  2. Everybody has already suggested the best food, but if you can't decide what to drink, have them spin the wheel of beer for you. I've noticed that the list is biased toward big, hoppy beers, so if you want to take a chance, you might get a nice surprise.

                    1. With our crowd, app/side favorites always include Buffalo shrimp, fried oysters & dirty rice.

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                        That corn fritter thing with maple syrup is kinda delicious, too!

                      2. It's been awhile, but they used to have really tasty homemade sausage. That and very good brisket.

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                          I love their sausages, though the mix could use a bit for fat, the flavor is totally there. Sadly, their brisket is extrordinarily inconsistent. I've gone there and gotten delicious, beyond-belief juicy 1/2" thick slices... but not in the past 5 years. Recently, it's been 1/8" thick hard, dry, meat crackers. :-/

                          Lester's makes some damn good brisket though.

                        2. My favorite thing is the fried okra, followed by cat fingers.

                          1. I'm a Texan and pretty hard to impress with BBQ...Redbones has never done it for me. But IMO a true test of a BBQ joint is beef brisket. Is it moist and flavorful? What is the sauce like? Give the brisket a go.

                            Also would you please get fried okra, because I miss it?

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                              Well, Like I said, I am far from an expert, and usually have the Carolina style BBQ when I am vacationing in NC. Guess i have to try the fried okra- how can anything fried taste bad?

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                                Somehow, the fried okra does manage to taste bad, but I guess I'm in the minority on that. I found it slimy and bland. I don't like their Mac & Cheese either; too soupy and boring. I do, however, love their sweet tea.

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                                  okra can be slimy by nature, but I can't make an excuse for it being bland. It should be slightly perked up by a seasoned batter!

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                                    The reason their fried okra is gross is because they use frozen okra. Yuck.

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                                      I don't like their okra either. It tastes much more bland than the fried okra you get in the South.

                                2. As far as bbq goes, I think the thing they do consistently best is the Texas (beef) ribs. Usually good smoky flavor - kind of fatty though, but if like gnawing on steak bones and picking stuff out of your teeth, this is good. Brisket can be good on occassion. Baby back ribs are usually good if you are not looking for smoke flavor.

                                  Oyster Po Boy is good, as is the catfish. Some of the best collards I've had too.

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                                    Agreed on the beef ribs. They're delicious. They definitely could stand to do them at a lower temperature, as they tend to be a bit tough and a little dry, but they're still vy tasty.

                                  2. Too late for you, macca, but we like the brisket when it's on, grilled salmon (it's huge!) with crispy potatoes, not crazy about the okra. We also love the kitchen counter - you get a chance to see the hard-working guys at the grill, who will hand over to you way more food than you can manage. We always tip them well (there's a laundry line above the bar to which you can pin tips for them).

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                                      I, too, am late for dinner tonight, but for future reference, here are my recs after 15 years of eating at Redbones:

                                      homemade sausage
                                      corn pudding
                                      mac and cheese
                                      chicken wings
                                      memphis ribs
                                      pecan pie


                                    2. Thanks for all the suggestions. We could not sit near the cooking- the place was packed. Good weather brings everyone out. We had a nice sampling of the menu. We had catfingers, buffalo shrimp and oysters. For meats, we chose the memphis, texas and St Louis style ribs. We also had a pulled pork sandwich, and instead of jerk beef, we asked if they could give us jerk chicken, which was no problem. And for side we went with the onion rings, mac cheese and garlic mashed.
                                      Apps were good- loved the oysters. The beef ribs did not really have a smokey taste, but were ok. Loved the jerk chicken- very hot. Onions rings were good, as were the mac cheese and garlic mashed. Did not tatste the pulled pork, but it was pronounced tasty.
                                      Will definitely be back to try more of the menu. Although crowded, the service was prompt and friendly. A table near us came in with a few kids, and the waiter had a big bowl of mac cheese in front of them within of minute of them being seated! Next time I will save some room for dessert.