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May 6, 2008 09:17 AM

New Mayflower in Watertown - CLOSED

aurggggh! My fave cantonese outside of Chinatown, I often ordered Chinatown style food here, and now it is going to be Japanese Restaurant, Suishaya <?>.
Now the nearest cantonese place would be Kantin in Super 88.
Are there other Chinatown style restaurants in the watertown area?

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  1. That place? Wow. It was always desserted so it just scared me away.

    I am a HUGE Shangri-La fan, but it is Taiwanese.

    1. I know....sob sob sob. I headed there last Friday to get some grub but they were closed. I nearly cried. I work 3 minutes away so there goes one great lunch option dpwn the drain

      1. I heard that with their daughter going to college it was too hard to keep New Mayflower running. The owner/cook is going to New Asia in Belmont, not sure if he'll be a partner or just a cook there. His Cantonese cooking is pretty decent (my husband and I used to just ask for recommendations from him instead of looking through the menu), so I hope New Asia lets him do his thing.

        Have you been to Joyful Garden in Allston on Western Ave? They have reasonably good Cantonese food there -- fancier stuff than New Mayflower and more expensive, but the best outside of Chinatown that I've had. The quality can mixed, though -- should be fine if you stick to the classic Cantonese stuff.

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          New Asia is no more, as of about a month ago. So perhaps this is just a relocation of New Mayflower?

          1. re: PinchOfSalt

            We were so upset- New Asia had good veggies in lots of their dishes! Ling Garden is gone, too, just when they'd goen from OK to really good. What's happening here?

            1. re: sfumato

              Hmm, it appears we like different things in restaurants! For me, Ling Garden was great years ago when it opened and for a long while after that, but in the recent past I thought it had strayed and gone downhill. The cooking had become a lot less careful and more Americanized. (When I see sliced zucchini and yellow squash show up in a Chinese restaurant stir-fry, when a wide variety of traditional Chinese veggies are so easily available, I figure that is a Bad Sign.)

              The Thai/Vietnamese place that replaced Ling Garden is pretty okay. Let's cross our fingers and hope for something really nice in the New Asia spot.

              As for New Asia, whenever I went by it seemed largely empty. Over the years there were some health code violations. My neighbors knew all about that, so I've always figured that explained the lack of customers.

              1. re: PinchOfSalt

                We noticed the changes over the years, too, though we were both fairly young when we first tried them years ago (with parents). I do see your point, especially when Russos is right around the corner and carries loads of Asian veggies, though personally I don't mind the inauthentic vegetables (especially in Belmont) as long as I know what I'm getting (i.e. no surprises)- there are other places I will go in Chinatown and beyond if I want super authenticity. We just went there with the understanding that they'd gotten a bit Americanized, but there were things that we still liked on the menu. I have to say, they were starting to use good quality vegetables and they were beautifully cooked, so I was pretty happy about that. I think that lasted about a month.

                We heard about the health code violations with New Asia, too. Some of them sounded pretty horrifying.

                More reasons to frequent Shangri-La!

              2. re: sfumato

                Speaking of veggies- I had a pretty good version of twice-cooked pork at Rice Valley in Newtonville for lunch yesterday. Lots of snow peas and a little cabbage in it. They said it came with green peppers too, but I don't really like them in some dishes, so I asked for it without them.

                I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't as gutsy as Shangri-la, but the ingredients seemed very fresh and cooked nicely. My friend's pork with scallions & ginger was good too- lots of scallion and sliced onions.

                Better than average, if somewhat americanized, food. The hot and sour soup wasn't bad for a lunch combo deal either.

                The staff was busy picking the stems off a mountain of green beans then snow peas at an adjoining table while we were there. So if you're looking for another place with good veggies- this might work for you.

                1. re: silver queen

                  So good to know- thanks for the review! I'll put this on our "places to try" list!

          2. That's a shame. We've always had good meals there, but felt a sense of doom hanging over the place. There were never enough customers or even staff to keep it going.
            And Beijing Cuisine is gone too; it's Shiraz now.

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            1. re: Baiye

              Does anyone know what became of Eric, the guy who owned Peking Cuisine? Has he opened somewhere else? Never really liked that place much, but he was such a nice guy and I wanted him to succeed.

              Has anyone tried Shiraz?

              I always thought Mayflower was awful - likewise New Asia - so my vote would be for something altogether different in Cushing Sq.

            2. Paper sign in side window saying new home of Suishaya & asking the public to bear with them during renovations. Carpet being ripped up when I walked by last night.