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May 6, 2008 09:14 AM

Where to buy a good key lime pie?

Looking for a decent key lime pie for the hubby's bday (it's his favorite). Any options around downtown DC that aren't terrible?

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    1. re: Seabiscuit

      That's nowhere close to downtown DC though.

    2. I just had a really good piece of key lime pie at Kramerbooks and Afterwards last night. I bet they would be willing to sell you an entire pie. It was very tangy with a graham cracker crust.

      My all time favorite key lime pie comes from the Prime Rib. So if you are interested in taking him out to a classy steak dinner, you can give that a try.

      1. Rays the steaks has the best key lime pie I´ve had in a long time

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        1. re: cleveland park

          It's a specialty at American Seafood near Lorcom Lane in Arlington. Delicious.

          1. re: cleveland park

            Rays the Classics serves the same pie. It's terrific, but Michael Landrum (owner of RTS/RTC) is on record saying that the key lime pie at Bobby's Crabcakes in Rockville is even better. I've had both and would have to agree.

            Bobby's will make you a pie, but they need a couple days notice.

            1. re: JeffCraddock

              I've had both, and Landrum is too modest. And wrong.

              This boy from SoFla prefers the pie at RTC/RTS.

              1. re: DanielK

                I had Bobby's first, then tried the RTC version. I still prefer Bobby's, but not by much. To me, the intensity of Bobby's won the day. I can't attest to authenticity, having never been to Key West.

                They're both great pies and both make me very happy....I think it's a matter of taste which is best.

            2. re: cleveland park

              My wife didn't like Rays Key Lime pie that much, I thought it was ok. Maybe it's too authentic for us. We LOVE... don't laugh, Houston's Restaurant's Key Lime pie. Scrumptious, though probably not totally authentic.

            3. I've heard the Quarterdeck in Rosslyn has a good key lime pie from several people, but I have not had it as of yet.

              1. There is a shop in Vienna, VA - and that ships, too: They charge $9-$12 to ship into DC.