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May 6, 2008 09:12 AM

Any recommended Pre-Fixe ~25-30E in Paris?

Hey anyone recommend restaurants in Paris that feature any prefixe menus that would fit this bill?
Anywhere from 20-30 Euros, doesn't have to be super fine dining but just simply good.

Lunch or Dinner, for late May.

(besides Spring, tried to reserve, their booked till July)

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  1. la Cave de l'Os à Moelle, Le Baratin, Le Pré-Verre, l'Antre-amis

    1. Michelin has a list of restaurants offering prix-fixe meals under 33E, for both lunch and dinner. Start there; then tell us where you are staying, at that level you needn't look beyond your immediate vicinity.

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        Ditto on Pre Verre, and I discovered Charles Victor (in the 14th, near Denfert-Roch., a less touristy area) last summer. Dinner: 2 courses 19.5€, 3 for 27.5 €.

        Very fresh food and an extensive menu. Reservations essential on weekends, open at 8 pm.

      2. Le Square Trousseau, 1 Rue Antoine Vollon, in the 12th (not far from Bastille) does a great €21-30 or so menu du midi (you can get 1, 2 or 3 courses - price varies accordingly) and is excellent. Sunny terrace, good menu, charming place. Also great for dinner. Unusually young wait staff. It's a good place.

        1. L'Epi Dupin has a prix fixe of about €32 - well worth the price. Lunch is less.. perhaps 25?

          1. Chez Michel is nice option at 30€.