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May 6, 2008 09:09 AM

Restaurant in SF with thin shaved chicken not chunks in pho

I once went to a Vietnamese restaurant where the chicken in the chicken pho was sliced in largish, very thin slices, almost as if the chicken had been partially frozen and then shaved on a mandoline. It was wonderful to eat becasue the chicken chewed at the same rate as the noodles: that is, the noodles didn't dissolve in the mouth, leaving a big chunk of dry chicken to chew further.

Unfortunately, the chef who prepared the dish left that restaurant and the new guy did the chicken in the usual big chunks.

Does anyone know of a restaurant that prepares chicken pho in the way I describe (I've been sytematically trying different places but all so far seem to be about chicken chunks)?


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  1. Not in SF, but My Tho in Newark does that with their Pho Ga. Weird that it's served with what tasted like beef broth to me.

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      Thanks! I will check it out and report back...

      1. re: embie

        I wouldn't make a special trip. It's not my favorite place for pho (or in my radar at all), but the only place I've had thin sliced chicken.