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May 6, 2008 08:52 AM

Reims lunch-?

Going on a champagne tour with a private driver :) for a day trip. I need a place for lunch, but I don't think I want to spend a lot of time.(an hour or hour and a half). Is there any decent places to eat in Reims that wont interfere with my touring?

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  1. sounds like you should probably have your hotel kitchen prepare you a sandwich or two to take along in the car. The French aren't much for informal sit-down lunches. At least, we didn't see any in Reims.

    The hotel where we stayed, Chateau de la Maire, is home to one of the best restaurants in the region, if not all of France, L'Assiette Champenoise. However, lunch there would definitely be dining, and I can't imagine it taking less than 2 hours, even if you are dining alone.

    1. We usually stop in Reims on our way back north and generally use this one for lunch:

      Good honest brasserie food with quick friendly service.
      More options including Boulangerie on this street. Park on street leading up to Cathedral entrance.

      1. REIMS

        I currently live in Reims and have a blog about food It's great that you have a car b/c u really need a car to drive the Route de Champagne. There are a ton of houses in Reims but mainly just big corporate one's with similar tours of Caves. So, it depends on what you want to do. I would do Pommery in Reims and then drive the Route de Champagne and then to Eparnay. If you do the route de Champagne then you really need to make appts before you go for the most part. Along the route outside the city there are all the little cute houses that are treasures. You can also stop into a farm or two and get some fresh cheese etc with your car.

        If you want to walk a little you can easily just walk around the center of Reims and go into a few houses and taste as well.

        Here are a few of the big one's in Eparnay (which I suggest you stop by)

        Champagne MOET & CHANDON (N)- Really nice
        20, Avenue de Champagne - 51200 EPERNAY
        Tél : 03 26 51 20 20 -
        de 9H30 à 11H30 et de 14H à 16H30
        sous réserve de place

        Champagne DE CASTELLANE (NM
        )57, Rue de Verdun - 51200 EPERNAY
        Tél : 03 26 51 19 11 -
        de 10H à 12H et de 14H à 18H dernières visites à 11H et 17H

        Champagne MERCIER (N
        )68-70, Avenue de Champagne - 51200 EPERNAY Tél : 03 26 51 22 22 - de 9H30 à 11H30 et de 14H à 16H30
        REIMS HOUSES with Tours

        Champagne Taittinger
        *Champagne MUMM (beautiful inside


        *Champagne Pommery- really nice tour with installation art inside
        Champagne Krug
        Champagne Ruinart

        A. SHOPPING

        Sandro Boutique- On Place d’Erlon

        B. FOOD

        Cooking classes in Reims

        Grand Cerf- Dying to go here. It's on your way to Eparnay (which is 15-20mins from Reims) 33 Euro for a 3 course menu during the week! Looks so beautiful. It’s outside Reims in the country so your driver could take you here.
        Le Millénaire – In Reims, 1 Michelin Star
        Le Foch- In Reims, 1 Michelin Star

        Les Crayeres- Right across from Pommery Champagne house in Reims. The café has the most beautiful patio seating in the summer. Ahhh also go to the expensive brasserie for a drink because its soo cute in their and so French.

        Less Expensive Options for food:
        Le Petite Comptoir
        Sushi Shop-try the fois gras roll!
        Version Original. stunning inside. Just discovered this but looks soo great. 15 euro for a salad so a little pricey

        Anywhere on Rue des halles or outside in Place de Forum (Edgar Bistroe) on Rue Colbert or anywhere in Place de Forum there is outside sitting which is super cute

        * If you can, stay away from eating on Place d’Erlon (just kind of generic, not good French food..)!!

        Hope that helps!

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          Any small houses along the champagner route that you recommend? I am there on a saturday, so they would have to be open on a weekend

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            I notice you didn't mention Assiette Champenoise. Is that because I did? or because you don't like it?