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May 6, 2008 08:44 AM

quick! CA Chow in for today need dinner idea

Hi! I'm back! I need quick dinner ideas for Manhattan tonight. Preferrably downtown area no UES/UWS. Also nothing too expensive (entrees under $25), something just sooooo good. I'd say new-American style. No Asian or MENA food for tonight.

Any quick ideas?

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  1. I see on Opentable that Perilla has an opening at 6 pm. If that's not too early, I'd grab it.

      1. I third Perilla and you can make it more quick and flexible by dining at the bar if that appeals to you. Ate there last week and had a terrific meal. Get the spciy duck meatballs and the banana dessert.

        Another choice is the Red Cat, which I also love. But that's in Chelsea (10th & 23rd). Can also have a wonderful meal sitting at the bar there too.

        1. Max Brenner's is fun for kids. i've never had their "real" food, but i've seen many kids lose their brains on the dessert possibilities.....

          1. I agree Perilla or Red Cat would be great. If you want to sit outside, since it is so nice, you might want to consider Paradou