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May 6, 2008 08:36 AM

Breakfast in downtown Halifax

Hi eastern hounds,

My boss will be travelling to Halifax later this week for a couple of days of business meetings. He is staying at the Lord Nelson hotel. Can anyone recommend any good breakfast restaurants? They have to be suitable for a meeting. What is the Victory Arms in the Lord Nelson like?

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  1. We ate at the Victory Arms last month for the first time (not breakfast). Nice pub, pretty good food, nothing excitting but not bad. There are plenty of restaurants along Spring Garden but I am not sure which are open for breakfast. The best breakfast downtown is the Bluenose in my opinion, though I am not sure if this appropriate for a business meeting (it's a dinner).

    1. There is a "Cora's" just off of Spring Garden Rd. that is much better than any other Cora's that i have been to. It is always busy, and has a good "vibe". It is within walking distance from the hotel.

      1. I wouldn't touch Cora's with a ten foot pole for a business meeting. I've enjoyed a nice brunch at both Sweet Basil, and Saege, although i think Saege definitly gets mixed reviews.

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          I am assuming that it is through the week....I don't think that either Sweet Basil or saege serve brunch thru the week? Maybe I am wrong?