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May 6, 2008 08:25 AM

3 nights in Boston

We are coming to town next month for 3 nights. Have been many times and have eaten at tons of places. Our favorites are No 9 Park, L'Espalier, and Hamersly's. We've eaten at Radius, Icarus, Excelsior (used to love Biba's), Sage, Daily Catch (will definitely go there for lunch), Sibling Rivalry (just eh).
I'm planning on trying to get a reservation at O Ya and we definitely will eat at No 9 Park one night. We've never eaten at Clio, but do you think going to those 3 places in one visit is too much? What do you all think of Via Matta? We've never been there before. Is Radius worth a return visit? We ate there years ago and enjoyed it. We are not interested in Steak Houses, will be staying at the Nine Zero, but will go anywhere in Boston, cost not an issue, but we want interesting great food! So what places do you all recommend?? TIA!

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    1. re: Taralli

      I just looked at the sorellina website...the menu sounds fabulous! Are the pastas as delicious as they sound?

      1. re: sibeats

        craigie street is a great, interesting restaurant where the chef cares so much about the food they put out. really fun place to try as it is so unique.

      2. re: Taralli

        Sorellina is good. I personally would opt for a less high end place and go with Via Matta on your list. Fun, good and loud as is Teatro, a 5 min walk from your hotel.

      3. Personally, I was very disappointed with Clio, so if you are tempted by another restaurant I would say make a reservation there instead. After all, you can always try Clio on another visit.

        1. Hang out at No9 bar and share the lobster gnocchi and short rib onion soup.

          1. No 9 is definatley one of my favorites. If I were you I would think about hitting up the south end, maybe for a small tour. I would do Toro early to avoid long waits. Tapas, Sangria, cool scene. Then maybe the lounge at Rocca for cocktails, baby octopus, and another bar snack. From there I would grab a seat a B&G for oysters, white wine, and an app. B&G (and the butcher shop across the way) are both from Barbara Lynch from No 9 park. Sounds like your going to have a killer trip.

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            1. re: BeantownHound

              I was just checking out Toro's website this afternoon and it looked great. We love tapas and it might be a nice alternative to Clio in that we get to try Ken Oringers food but in a more casual way. The only problem with doing your tour (which sounds amazing), is that 2 of our 3 nights we will have our 14 yo (a seasoned diner!) with us, so bar hopping won't really work. We figured we'd go to O Ya without her, then No 9 Park and a 3rd with her. Does Toro not take reservations? What's your opinion on Radius?

              1. re: sibeats

                Toro is no reservations, just a waiting list I think. You should def.go early as possible if you plan on doing other things/eating other restaurants. Toro has communal tables, regular tables, and a bar. Rocca lounge has sofas, high tops, etc which would work for for a 14 year old. B&G has a few tables, a low bar, and a high bar, which are primary eating areas. They are not "bar" by any means and a 14 year old would be fine eating there. I haven't been to Radius, but from what I see in your plans (No 9 and OYa) Radius would be in that same class, sort of, and it would be cool to get a more casual change of pace at the other places. I also tend to find Toro fairly affordable in comparison to other places in its class. You can eat a decent meal with Sangria and Tapas for three people for 100 bucks, depending on your selections. In comparison you'd prolly drop about 400 or so at Clio if you do a tasting with wine. I hope you enjoy your trip.

            2. I haven't been to Sorellina yet, but look forward to it. Everything I've read about the food there has been very positive. Also, have you considered Prezza or Pigalle?

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              1. re: pollystyrene

                Okay, I got reservations at No 9 Park for friday night, O Ya for saturday night. I was going to do Via Matta for Sunday, but they aren't open. I read a bunch of posts about Prezza, which all sounded great until the last one which said it was a disaster. Do you think that was just a fluke? So Sorrelina or Prezza for Sunday...which one? Or is there another better italian somewhere in the north end? Thanks again!!

                1. re: sibeats

                  I think Prezza is a board favorite ( and one of mine too) lots of positive posts out there. Check the hours for Sunday though. Tthey are open but I don't think they are open late.

                  1. re: sibeats

                    You might wanna consider Taranta instead...where else to get very good Italian with Peruvian influences on the menu?!
                    I like Sorellina but frankly it's overpriced for food that is not very layered or complicated.

                    1. re: nasilemak

                      I wasn't nearly as impressed with Taranta as most are here. I would certainly prefer Prezza over it. I hope that last post about the bad Prezza experience was a fluke; I haven't been since then. Maybe someone who has will chime in.

                      1. re: pollystyrene

                        It seemed as though the bad dinner was a fluke. The post was from someone coming in for a visit and he actually went to most of the places I've been looking at, loved everything, but that last night was just off. Here's the link to that thread
                        I did make our 3rd reservation at Prezza, so I'll count on the rest of the good recs!!