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May 6, 2008 08:02 AM

Barcelona - Where do I need reservations?

We will be in Barcelona for 5 nights in late May. Do most great restaurants take reservations? If so, we would like to make reservations for maybe two or three nights while we are there.

Any recommendations? We are from NYC and LOVE food. We would like to eat great seafood and anything that is native to Barcelona and can't be missed! No need for great Italian,French or Asian food, we can get that at home. We would really love to experience the flavors of Barcelona. Thanks so much!

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  1. If there are particular restaurants that you are very interested in for a particular time, I would make reservations in advance. Many of the high end restaurants are small, around 40-50 seats and can be booked a few days in advance, especially for Fri/Sat nights. they include Alkimia, Drolma, Cenc Sentits, Lasarte, Sauc, etc. For others, you can make reservation when you get there, some even for the same day. Of course the tapas/pinxto places, except a few high end ones, do not take reservations. I've posted many recommendations for Barcelona. Check out the posts on this thread. If you have a particular questions, would be happy to help.

    1. PBSF of course gives you great information.

      We are Nyers also, who also love to eat - we had the same concern, and working with the couple who own the apartment we are renting, booked the following in advance for our trip commencing next week...
      Taktika Berri - 'cause we wanted to get an actual table
      Cinc Sentits
      Roig Robi
      Alkimia &
      La Clara

      We also have advice to arrive early at places where we do not (or the restuarant does not) take reservations...especially Santa Maria

      1. Cinq Sentits takes reservations 2 weeks in advance, and it is best to reserve then. Alkimia should also be reserved a couple of weeks prior. These are great choices for modern Catalan, but I would also suggest La Dama for traditional dishes prepared beautifully. The stuffed pig's feet were a revelation, and the lobster paella was superb. A great place to go on Sunday, too, as many restaurants are not open.