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May 6, 2008 07:21 AM

White Sox friendly and great food?

I am planning a day for me and my boyfriend. We are going to tour US Cellular in the morning and catch a game at night. It's in the beginning of July. I am trying to find a resturant that has a White Sox atmosphere and either great hot dogs/beef or bbq. If you have any suggestions that would be great. Otherwise we might just go to the Taste. Does anyone know when the presale tickets at Dominicks go on sale for that?

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  1. I would suggest going to the Taste and taking the el to the park. Don't know when presale tickets go on sale at Dominicks.

    If you feel like the Taste would be a little much, I would suggest Ricobene's (who'll probably have a Taste booth anyways) at 252 W. 26th St. ( It's not an overtly Sox place but many locals go there and the breaded steak sandwiches are always a hit with me.

    1. The iconic Sox bar (altho their steak sandwich & corned-beef-cabbage is probably better than their dogs and bbq (if they've got it)) is Schallers Pump at 3714 South Halsted Street. For better food but zilch Sox atmosphere try Healthy Food (Lithuanian) or Ed's Potsticker (Chinese) up the street, then finish up with a couple of beers at Schaller's. Here's a bit more:

      1. Freddy's (31st and Union) has an incredible homemade Italian Beef sandwich as well as your typical Chicago faire. IMO they have the best Italian ice in Chicago as well, which if you're so inclined can be purchased by the bucket (this always tempts me). It's close to the ballpark and Sox fans congregate there before and after games. Avoid it only if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest because it's always filled with cops (a sure sign of a great sandwich).

        As u.of.c.eddie suggests, Ricobene's is south side favorite. The breaded steaks are remarkable for their sheer size if nothing else. The large is impossibly big to eat. Decent pork chop sandwich as well.