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May 6, 2008 07:14 AM

Atlantic City and Kosher Restaurants

Going to a convention for work in AC. What's the latest on Shari's and Jerusalem restaurants. Are there any others?

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  1. according to those appear to still be it -

    1. Jerusalem is under strict OK supervision in 2009 !!! Highly recommended !!!
      Sharis lost their star-k supervision so be careful and do your research. Dairy and meat products rumored to have been crossed at Sharis, reason for losing star-k

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      1. re: Mendi

        According to a poster at (dated today) "Hashgacha is O-K with mashgiach tmidi. Food is excellent, friendly environement, fresh tasty food!" I am not into "symbols" but I think OK is one of the "reliable" ones. I am of course assuming the poster meant OK rather than "just ok".

        I went there twice, very expensive. Better bring something frozen and nuke it.

        1. re: MartyB

          speaking of frozen, we ordered two dinner meals apiece for four people (8 meals) from King David to be shipped to the timeshare we're staying at in Orlando next week. Probably as expensive as eating out but based on the restaurant reviews down there we figure at least the quality will be better.

      2. Only two restaurants, both expensive, obviously both good food wise.
        Chabad - lists only Jerusalem under OK. A call to the Trocki Hebrew Academy which is right accross the street 609) 383-8484 should get you an answer.

        1. Well if it's true that the OK is supervising Jerusealem that is great. It's about time that they got a "recognized" supervision instead of a local person. They needed that for their out of town patrons.