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May 6, 2008 07:06 AM

Burlington, VT Restaurant for Reception for 30

Does anyone have a recommendation for a nice spot for an evening reception for 25-30 people in Burlington, VT in the summer? I'm hosting a group for a 2-day conference. We'll be at one of the waterfront hotels for our meeting. I'd like to host the welcoming reception off-site. Best would be walking distance from the waterfront (Hilton or Courtyard hotel). Looking for nice ambiance and food, but not overly fancy. Thanks!

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  1. Taste on the Burlington waterfront might be able to accommodate you, and it's a nice place and menu.

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      I'd second this- Just had a fabulous meal there last week with a large (26 people) Champlain college graduation group- Woodcreek farm prime dry aged ribeye- OMG! Hands down the best beef I've ever had- Some of my fellow diners said that the pistachio crusted salmon was awesome too. Mentioned in their menu that they are providing the catering for the big week long Jazz fest in town this year-

    2. How about dinner on Lake Champlain ? You are minutes from the ferry dock. I'm sure that Vermont Discovery Cruises could accomodate your group. Their website is Ask for Marie. I think it would be a unique approach that would be enjoyed by your group.

      1. I just worked an evening party at Penny Cluse and they do a great job with catered events at the restaurant. Everyone was happy and was raving about the food and what a great time they were having.

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          Penny Cluse may do a good job, but the location is rather humdrum, esp. when compared with a waterfront restaurant, or a dinner cruise on the lake itself. I rather like TonyO's suggestion best of all....

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            I agree, the lake is beautiful.. but the food at Taste is mediocre and the last time I had food on the Ferry it was the most god awful gut busting fare it still makes me grimace. My suggestion was food based only... and I have to say I love the feel of walking around Church Street in the evening in the summer, it makes me feel like I'm living in an urban yet lovely city.

            I once rented the "Friendship" sailboat down at the dock for an evening sail and catered the dinner myself and it was so great... I highly recommend it for any local person who wants good food and a lake cruise.

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              I believe their are different levels of food quality depending on the boat you choose (the ferry is likely the most pedestrian).