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May 6, 2008 06:59 AM

Close to Interstate 80

My son and I are driving coast-to-coast on Interstate 80, leaving San Francisco on Sunday May 18. This will include driving the entire length of PA. We are looking for good places to eat, the closer to Interstate 80 the better. Thanks!

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  1. I-80 is tough on a chow hound. I always reccommend the Iron Bridge Inn. At the western end of Pa., rt. 19 crosses I-80. If you turn south on rt. 19 for just a couple of miles, you come to the Iron Bridge Inn. It is no preposing looking, but everything is very good. And they seem to have an endless supply of great prime rib!

    1. I recommend The Powerhouse:

      It's immediately off of I-80 at Exit 273, which is on the eastern side of PA, about 15 miles past the junction of I-80 and I-81, to try to give you a point of reference.

      You can have a full-blown sit-down meal with drinks, etc., or you can have some lovely salads or sandwiches. It's a very friendly place in a unique setting, a former power plant. You can see it clearly from the interstate. They are open for dinners only, except for Sundays, when they open at noon.

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        I have to second The Powerhouse. We have eaten there many times and have always had a great meal.

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          Hey, crazyspice, where do you live?

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            lisavf - We live in Montgomery County, but have really good friends in Mountaintop. We meet there for dinner when we are getting up there on a Friday night. I really enjoy the food. We have other friends who have a vacation home up there and they enjoy eating there also.

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          We always seem to pass thru White Haven at the wrong time for Powerhouse, since they don't open Monday until 4 p.m., but found an eatery on main street, the W.H. Family Diner. Standard diner fare, but an acceptable substitute for fast food chains. Note, it is a little hard to find. Go north from the I-80 exit, turn right on 940 (I think that's the route name) and turn right just after the train tracks when you get to main street.

        3. Stop in the town of Bloomsburg at Exit 236. Great restaurants (it's a college town) include Town Perk (quirky coffee shop with full menu), Russell's (fine dining), Sakuntala (Indian buffet for lunch and dinner), and lots of non-chain hoagie shops, pizza places and taverns. The town is about 3 miles from the Interstate - it's charming - I went to college there. Here is a link the the local visitors bureau's dining info:

          1. Here is a board from last year that you might find helpful. It will give suggestions across the entire state. I haven't made the drive yet this year for any updates.

            1. I would have to second the Iron Bridge Inn, just south of 80 on rt 19. It's a very nice, quaint and comfortable.


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                If the Iron Bridge Inn is closed, drive another half mile to Rachel's Roadhouse. Same owner and the food was terrific and very reasonably priced.