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May 6, 2008 06:56 AM

Ohio - close to Interstate 80

My son and I are driving coast-to-coast on Interstate 80, leaving San Francisco on Sunday May 18. We are looking for good places to eat in Ohio, close to Interstate 80. Thanks!

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  1. if you like middle eastern food beirut in toledo is yummy. it's a bit off the 80 but their sister restaurant byblos is quite close. it was good too when i was last in toledo. but that was 2001. so a while ago now. maybe you could search or someone more in the know will add to this post. :)

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      Both are still great. If you get off the turnpike at the Toledo Express airport exit and go a little east on Airport Highway there is Loma Linda, a Toledo institution. A free standing building on the north side of the highway, fun, inexpensive Tex-Mex.

      1. re: sam o

        i would agree with the above recs and throw in TONY PACKOS hungarian as well, it's probably ohio's most famous restaurant and you and your son would get a kick out of it. all are long standing toledo institutions.

        just east are two wildcards, call ahead:

        west of cleveland at the rt57 mall exit head north to lorain and make a left on rt254. there you will find an old fashioned drive-in style DOG-N-SUDS, one of only a handful left around the midwest. the kind of place where they had young girl waitresses on rollerskates come to your car, although i dont think they do that anymore. they serve coney dogs, & great frosty mug rootbeer, etc.

        just past that on the same side of the street is HANKOS GIN MILL, a tiny former speakeasy that serves breaded & fried up lake erie fish like perch and walleye. humble, but traditionally it has good fish frys.

        sorry to clog your arteries!!!

      2. re: AMFM

        We ate at Byblos from your recomendation and were pleasantly surpised at how good the food was. The grape leaves appetizer were fresh and wonderul. We had Kafta for dinner and the spices were well done. Even the rice was good. Definitely a great stop close to Route 80 if you are making that drive across OH.

        1. re: AmandaRG

          So glad to hear. It's long been a Toledo classic! Much better than fast food isn't it!

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