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May 6, 2008 06:45 AM

Utah and Nevada - close to Interstate 80

My son and I are driving coast-to-coast on Interstate 80, leaving San Francisco on Sunday May 18. We are looking for good places to eat in Nevada and Utah, close to Interstate 80. Thanks!

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  1. If you are passing through Utah on I80 your going to come close to down town Salt Lake. This gives you a lot of great dining options all pretty close together. I will suggest a few places, but it might help if you give us an idea of your budget/cuisine preferences.

    Takashi: *Really* great sushi, very urban and hip.

    Bambara: Located in the Hotel Monaco. "New-American" cuisine, on the upper end of pricey-ness, but one my favourite restaurants in down town SLC.

    Settebello: Neapolitan style Pizza. I am not a pizza lover myself, but pretty much everyone who is raves about the place.

    Spencers: Old school steakhouse. Located in the Hilton Hotel. Pretty pricey but you will be hard pushed to find a much better steak.

    Baxter's American: American comfort food with their own higher-end unique twists, e.g. "Not your mothers meatloaf"

    For addresses and website links see:


    1. Absolute don't miss in Reno, NV

      I miss this more than anything else from my years in Reno.

      I believe it got a glowing review by Sunset Magazine some years back. Despite that, the quality stayed high.

      In Truckee, Ca a fantastic breakfast can be found at Squeeze Inn. You will see where the name come from upon first view of this gem.

      Happy driving!

      1. Between Reno and Salt Lake you may want to bring some snacks. The options in Winnemucca, Elko, etc are very limited. Maybe some Chowhound will come up with something, but I would be very skeptical of any recs on that stretch.

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          There is a houndworthy spot in Winnemucca... the Griddle. Breakfast and lunch only...definitely worth the stop.

          Already suggested Red Iguana for when you are through Salt Lake. Best Mex for miles around, and easier on/off I-80 than going into downtown.

        2. my sister and her husband drive from SF to utah every year and stay overnight in Winnemucca. They rave about the Flying Pig, a bbque joint. I'm barbequing some chicken right now with some of their sauce, it is fantastic.

          1. There are several good Basque restaurants on that route. Our personal favorite is the Star Hotel in Elko.

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              Doesn't Elko have the United States most Basque residents and restaurants? I know they have a large yearly Basque celebration.


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                I'm not sure but it's a definite possibility. Elko has its Basque festa in July. Winnemucca has several Basque restaurants also and hosts it's own festa in June. We haven't made it to either one yet.