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May 6, 2008 05:49 AM

Manor On Golden Pond Recs

Just made reservations for a summer vacation. Any restaurant recommendations for the area?

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  1. Walter's Basin is just down the street. It's popular, casual and has great views of Squam. They make a nice crab cake and do a good Sunday brunch. I would probably be more inclined to drive into Meredith or Center Harbor though. Mame's in Meredith is good, typical American fare, Guissepes at the Inns at Mill Falls does a decent pizza and wonderful stuffed mushrooms, but my favorite place is Canoe in Center Harbor for their lobster mac & cheese. I haven't been able to order anything else. Mike Love's Lemongrass is another popular spot. It's Thai influenced fusion I guess is how you would describe it. Try the shortribs!

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    1. I agree with Pegm on some. I've been going to Walter's Basin most Wed. through the winter playing cribbage - excellent soups every time as with most of their menu. If you want a fantastic steak dinner - Tuftonboro's The Woodshed is the place. Great Italian in Meredith is Abondante's. One of my favorites and closer to Golden Pond is in Sandwich, Corner House Inn - best calimari ever!!! Best best best lobster roll in Ctr Harbor at Sam&Rosie's (very casual, walk across the street and eat at the beach).

      I disagree with Canoe, although the food is great the service is sooooo bad that I refuse to have my time ruined. I'm not alone, many feel the same way.

      Mike Love's place is great, although he sold it to a partner (so it's still great).

      You'll have a blast, it's a great area with loads to do & eat

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        I always forget about the Corner House; it's a great spot, and I actually agree about the service at Canoe, but I love the lobster mac & cheese. I find if you sit at the bar at Canoe, the service is a little better.

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          Canoe actually owns another restaurant in Laconia called "O" - very nice upscale place overlooking the water. Fantastic service and food, funny why they wouldn't train the same in both places. I think they have the lobster mac and cheese too. Just got the scoop that they bought another place on Rt. 25 in Moultonboro (can't remember the name but only lasted a season). They obviously know how to create a great menu, just hope they do something about the terrible service. It's a joke with hubby and I, we shoot the bird as we drive by (not so anyone could see of course - that's beneath me).

      2. Thanks again.

        Has any one dined at the hotel?