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May 6, 2008 04:57 AM

Billerica- Newtowne Grill

I passed by the place this morning and the sign said it was open already, very curious, has anybody tried them yet? what specialties do they have?

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  1. Yes, it is open located directly across from Emerald Rose. I haven't tried it as yet but it's supposed to be the same Newtowne Grill as located in Porter Square in Cambridge, MA

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    1. re: LindaBarbara

      I was there on Monday (opening night) and the place was hopping. This is a casual place with lots of big screen HD TVs and easy dining. They featured appetizers, pizzas, burgers, salads, as well as entres such as steak tips and chicken/ziti/broccoli. I had a great 1/2 pound burger with fries for under $7 - definitely not your standard patty variety. I didn't see anything on the menu over $14 and portions appeared generous.

      The bar area was loud and busy with a 25 - 40 age crowd. There is plenty of seating in a lower area where one can escape the bar atmosphere.

      With low(er) drink prices and inexpensive food, this place should become popular quickly.

    2. The owners of Newtowne having taking a sagging dirty building and practically gutted it. The food is wonderful with choices different than we have at other places in Billerica - Turkey Tips and warm spinach salads for example. The gourmet pizza I had last night was just wonderful. The bartenders are neat and pleasant - I am pleased to find this- after being treated so poorly at the Garrisons in town.
      Prices are great - atmosphere FUN and parking behind the building and across the street.
      Congratulations to the new owners - this is a winner.

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        which is funny because the bartender at Newtowne used to work at Garrisons

      2. This place is great... Went once... Will definitely be back... Karaoke every Wednesday!

        1. We just went there for dinner. Waited 20-25 minutes for our food and then my meal was cold. We will never go back.