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May 6, 2008 04:42 AM

buffalo area recommendations please

iso a great steakhouse with seafood options in amherst near ub or elmwood strip area or downtown. also great greek and/or mediterranean fare and great italian [northern or southern] in same areas. price is not an issue.


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  1. "Great steakhouse with seafood option in Amherst"
    Black & Blue Steak and Crab
    this is probably the place you are looking for.

    "or Elmwood Strip area"
    this area has many fabulous restaurants, but is not really known for steak houses, a few moments away are...
    Prime 490, serving steak, across the street from Left Bank, another fine bistro restaurant
    Fiamma Steak, a very fine steakhouse, on the Hertel restaurant row (North Buffalo)

    "or downtown"
    E.B. Greens, probably Buffalo's best steakhouse.
    Buffalo Chophouse, a tourist favorite, though we are not impressed with their steak.

    About 15 minutes away, Friars Table, an authentically vintage 50's retro steakhouse. Get a gin martini and the prime rib, daddy-o !

    "also Greek and/or Mediterranean fare"
    Ambrosia, on Elmwood, for the most authentically Greek restaurant.
    And a few steps north...
    Nectar, on Elmwood, fabulous cocktail lounge with upscale Mediterranean.

    "and great Italian"
    The Hertel restaurant row is known for Italian, with many good choices up & down the street.
    There are also these fine Italian places...
    Trattoria Aroma, 2 locations Elmwood area & Amherst Area,
    Sienna, Amherst
    Amici, Kenmore (drive north on Elmwood Ave)
    Sinatra's, Kenmore

    Use this website to find address's and reviews...

    Other Buffalo/Niagara food resources, I would recommend...

    Enjoy your stay in Buffalo/Niagara!
    Please report back on your food experiences.

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    1. re: jerryc123

      reporting back as promised ... went to fiamma steak. i'm not a food critic so please bear with me. we were a party of four adults, seated upstairs which was nice and quiet so we were able to converse without noise from the downstairs bar. we shared appetizers: jumbo asparagus, baked clams and a small lump crabmeat salad. entrees: my husband had this special fred flintstone chop which he could not finish. he was undoubtedly full from the ted's footlong and fries he scarfed earlier in the day. unable to recall what kind of small serving of white fleshed fish i had, but it was tasty. my daughters had the petit filet and and the ahi tuna which they were happy with. husband was too full so the girls and i shared a small apple pie tartlet thing with vanilla ice cream and a trio of sorbets.

      waiter was clueless. my husband ordered a pre-dinner dewars and soda. he was served a dewars and water which was immediately replaced with the correct drink. at dessert he ordered a cup of coffee and a cognac and was served a cup of coffee into which cognac had been poured. this was after the waiter had dumped the first cognac laced coffee all over himself and had to dry himself off and change his clothes.

      turns out we were in the buffalo area for a much shorter time than originally anticipated and were not able to utilize the rest of the recommendations but will save them for future reference.

      thanks again!

    2. I'd highly recommend Fiamma Steak on Hertel Ave. It isn't far from UB's South Campus (medical school and health sciences), and about 15 minutes from UB North. The food is always excellent, though it can get very noisy inside. Ask to eat downstairs, which I think has a better feel than the upstairs dining area.

      I agree with the previous poster about Buffalo Chophouse - way overpriced and not always consistent. Prime 490 is a decent choice, though, and you can start (or end) the evening across the street at Left Bank, which has a nice bar area and outdoor patio (if you can get a table).

      It's not a steakhouse, and calling it Italian would be a stretch, but I'd highly recommend Tempo on Delaware Ave. Their menu is online at The atmosphere is fabulous, and it's steps away from Allen Street.

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      1. re: bflocat

        thanks you guys! i will peruse the menus, make some choices and be sure to report back ...

        ot, is bflocat flocat from the queens central board? if you are, i'm erical from that board.

        1. re: ericalloyd

          I've never been, but a lot of my inlaws love Fiamma's.
          And, right off of Hertel, not too far from Fiamma's there are several really good Italian places.

          1. re: ericalloyd

            nope, i'm from buffalo. rarely seen around these boards, as i just recently moved up here from the deep south.