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May 6, 2008 04:36 AM

Pittsburgh: "Wine Freedom" dinner @ Vivo, 5.7.08. Anyone going?

Though this cause is near and dear to my heart, it looks unlikely that I'll be able to make this event. Are any other Pittsburgh chowhounds attending? Reports?

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  1. Didn't learn about it until just know as we were out of town, but would've loved to go. I'd happily sign that petition if it didn't cost $2 to do so. That seems a bit odd.

    I used to collect big bottles for the cellar, but found I enjoy younger wines from small producers even more - no saving for a special occasion, no breaking the bank. There are tons of those wines out there that the PALCB won't carry. I'd love to be able to get them without worrying about breaking laws and without having the PALCB involved except to deal with paperwork and a small tax as proposed. I think the petition plan is pretty sound. But it'll get stomped on by unions and pols claiming that home delivery will be anarchy leading to more underage driving accidents.

    Of note - and I'll keep noting this until I'm blue in the face - for all of PA's vaunted control, it ranks behind states like NY, MA, CT in the % of traffic fatalities related to DUIs. Those states have relatively progressive laws in comparison to PA - I used to be in wine clubs when living in CT and MA. All hell has not broken loose there. In fact, it's actually safer on their roads.

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      I'm not sure the donation is obligatory. I signed without pledging and still received a confirmation/thank you.

      On your other points, you're preaching to the choir. I could hold forth on what's wrong with the LCB for days on end, but will direct you to the following blog instead:

      1. re: hassenpfeffer

        You're right - I got a confirmation as well. It just seemed like the site was asking for a donation before the signature was accepted, but that wasn't the case.

        Interesting blog. On a side note, we had a conversation late last year with a couple of state reps whom we were questioning about the possibility of limited licenses (wine/beer only). They noted that this issue is rising up more and more not from cities but from the middle of the state as every available license seems to be getting scooped up by chains. So we're probably going to see a lot more BYOs statewide until something is done in the way of reform.