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May 5, 2008 10:34 PM

Sports Bars in Seattle?

I'm looking for a place that turns the volume up so you can hear the game, isn't pretentious and serves passable food. I live near Greenlake (Tangletown neighborhood) so anything I can walk to gets bonus points. More bonus points for having a good selection of beers on tap.

Pretentious = The Ram, Fox, Jillian's... corporatey places where the servers wear black. No thanks.
I do like George & Dragon, but it's unreliable for American sports (they often get bumped for EPL).


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  1. I'd reccomend Wingmaster's. It's not walkable from greenlake, but should be easily bussable... Its at about 58th and 24th in ballard. Great wings, cheap, good beer, lots of tvs, lots of sketchy people. Good times.

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    1. re: dagoose

      When I used to live in your area I would head to the Ballard Bar & Grill on Leary. Passable bar food, beer, pool tables/foosball/air hockey and a few old school big screens. Oh who am i kidding, its probably a condo or a shop selling dog sweaters by now

      1. re: chillum_99

        There's a new sort of hipster sports bar in Ballard on Ballard Ave near Bad Albert's. It's called The Loft. I'm not into the sports bar thing, but if I were, that would be da place!!

        If you go, give us a report back--I have not been in yet.

        1. re: allisonw

          I have been. Its sort of like wanna be corporate, which is too bad, I met the guys who run it, they seemed nice.

    2. The Attic in Madison Park is a great place for sports. They have a ton of tvs and usually a bunch of games on. They serve breakfast on weekends so it's a good spot for an early game. I LOVE their wings and burgers. Good beer on tap too.

      1. Try The Village Pub in Magnolia or Buckley's in Lower Queen Anne. Both are nice with pretty decent pub grub, not "corporate" but not sketchy either!