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May 5, 2008 10:07 PM

SF Hound visiting Boston 5/21-5/25 -Please review my planned eats

I'm going to be in Boston only for a short time and want to eat lots of good eats. Will be arriving Wed 5/21 at 4:16pm so we'll probably check in to our hotel on Newbury St by 6pm and will be starving. Any good eats in the area? We won't have a car, walking is fine for us.

Breakfast is included so won't need that.

Thurs: will need Lunch & Dinner ideas. We're planning to do all the tourist things: Freedom Trail, Ducks Tour, USS Constitution, Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall.

Fri: will need Lunch & Dinner ideas

Sat: will be at Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA - probably will need another post for lunch/dinner recs.

Sun: will need quick lunch anywhere nearby Newbury St

Some ideas I saved up from old post from Limster & others:
Sage -potato gnocchi
O Cantinho
Christina's ice cream - I have a major sweet tooth
HK Eatery
Napoli Pastry-gelatti
Mike's Pastry-pistachio macaroons
Rustic Kitchen -tagliatelle bolognese
Neptune Oysters, North End
Trani-cupcakes w/ vanilla or chocolate ice cream inside - sounds awesome
South End Buttery-Nutella brownies
Union Oyster House-New England clam chowder
Pizzeria Regina-North End
Santarpio's-sausage pizza (Windy liked)
Neptune Oyster House (Windy liked, lobster roll, razor back clams, fried clams)

I probably won't get to them all, but what should I keep & delete?

Thanks in advance, I will report back after the trip.

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  1. Too tired to respond to every item, but I say delete the Trani cupcakes with ice cream - heard that they're pretty tasteless because of their bad quality cupcakes and bad quality ice cream. :(

    Keep Neptune, keep Pizzeria Regina, delete O Cantinho because, sadly, it's closed now.

    Hoping other hounds help out.

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      1. re: Prav

        Agree w/ Neptune and Regina, keep Prezza for a nice dinner, I like Maria's for sweets in the North End. Union Oyster House is close to these places so a quick stop for chowder or oysters is fine, oldest rest. in America. That's a lot for one part of town and such a short time, I'd add some south end places. I like the cupcakes at South End Buttery, and Flour is great (try the BLT sandwich), both bakeries in the south end. Maybe add Deluxe for casual good eats (evening only, closed Sun.), Franklin Cafe, the Dish, Rocca has a nice patio, etc. For Sun. lunch/brunch in your area, Abe & Louie's is good. Not far from your area is Kenmore Sq. and Petit Robert Bistro, India Quality and Eastern Standard for good meals (if the Red Sox aren't in town). I think the Petit RB lunch is a great deal and it's served til 5PM. Allston is a quick trip out on the B line and has a million ethnic places you might want to check out.

      2. La Voile on Newbury is a nifty French bistro with great food. Very convenient for Wednesday evening.

        La Voile
        261 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

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        1. re: BBHound

          i would read up about la voile on chow. it started out w/ great reviews but many ppl were dissapointed with most of the dishes (including my friends and i)

        2. Welcome. One of my fondest food memories was a 4 day 20 restaurant chow crawl of the Bay area in the early 80s including Chez Panisse cafe and Zuni in its first or second year of existence. From your list, for sweets, I would recommend Maria's Pastry instead of Mikes, all the ice cream places (Boston has better ice cream than SF), I would replace O'Cantinho (closed) with another fine portuguese (check Itaunas's posts) and definitely Portuguese when in Fall River (check Louis' posts). I like HK eatery but you have better cantonese noodel places in SF. Perhaps Taiwan Cafe or Wings (for Shanghaiese) in Chinatown. Both pizza choices are good. The best Italian i've had here is Trattoria Toscana (near Fenway).

          1. Definitely add Eastern Standard to your list (when the Red Sox are not at home, which is May 23-25) for amazing cocktail craft and really good food

            Consider Green St Grill in Central Square Cambridge (T ride, #1 Mass Ave Bus, or 30 min or less walk from Newbury St.- or a short taxi)- my latest favorite for food and drinks.

            Skip the very overrated cupcakes at LuLu and seek out Petsi's in Cambridge or Flour for great baked goods.

            Try to get to Neptune Oyster for a lunch or dinner - it's unique to Boston and really good for raw bar and food in general but really small - it's really close to Quincy Market (so don't eat anywhere there..)

            1. I'm new to Boston, but loved La Verdad for Mexican. I lived in Mexico and think the tortas and tacos are pretty authentic.