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May 5, 2008 09:22 PM

Insadong (Korean) - Coquitlam, BC - with images

My second Korean meal this week brought me outside the city to neighboring Coquitlam. More often than not, my main reason to go there is to shop at the incredible Korean supermarket Han Ah Reum (for more background, read this article from last fall in the Vancouver Sun ( which has a wide selection of Korean and Japanese products that I can't get even at a T&T. So stopping on the way back at Insadong, which easily became my most favorite restaurant in the GVA (after discovering it by chance on a drive through there when I was visiting Vancouver a few years back), for traditional dishes such as a simple kimchi jjigae or sundubu jjigae. I'd say the latter is the main reason I keep coming back to Insadong, as its always so well done, packed with seafood flavors, killer heat, and that delicious soft tofu that all goes so well with a nice cold bottle of Hite beer. At about C$9 for one large bowl, you just can't go wrong.

When you walk into this place, probably the first thing that grabs your nose is the always wonderful scent of grilling meat. I sometimes go with a combination of some kalbi/galbi which never lets me down, but tonight opted to go with the chicken bulgogi. Not the best call I found out, as the flavor just wasn't there in the marinade, though a dipping sauce did help bring it up a notch. No problem with the juiciness of the chicken meat or the barbeque, just was the flavoring to me that was the disappointment. Definitely will go back to the marinated beef short rib or the kalbi/galbi next time.

I could only find one previous mention ( on CH about it, so decided just to add my two cents to the WC board about this place I enjoy.

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  1. My Korean friends speak highly of Insadong. I was there last year and had a small meal that included kalbi which was great.

    1. I have to agree about the chicken, always disappointing, but the kalbi is reliably good. I once asked about why the chicken was so bland (semi in jest), and was told that the demand for chicken not being nearly as high, they don't marinate as much for as long as the beef.

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        Sounds like a strange reason, but guessing it makes sense given people go more for the hot pots and grilled red meats than anything else on the menu. I've had really good marinated chicken at other Korean restaurants, so know its not totally out of the question.