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May 5, 2008 08:59 PM

Maia in Villanova

Has anyone been yet? I'm past that intersection all.the.time and I just noticed the sign today. I read that it's the same management/ownership as Nectar.

789 East Lancaster Avenue, Villanova; 866-907-6242.

from my quick google/your reading pleasure:

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    1. re: Mawrter

      We were gonna go tomorrow for a business dinner but we were told that only the Bistro is open so far. We had to cancel the dinner anyway so we'll give it a little time to get up and running.

    2. Stopped in there today (Friday 5/9) to snoop around but didn't eat. Both the front 'carry out' counter and the restaurant in back were open. The back was absolutely packed, at 12:30 pm. I just glanced at the menu: main courses seemed to be about $15. Lots of businesspeople and a few packs of 70-year-old gals holding birthday gifts. Mucho suit and tied management folks standing around observing. Unfortunately, I didn't try any food so I can't report on that which is what I know you really want to hear about! I do know they are still hiring servers and baristas.

      1. I went to the Grand Opening Charity event they had and the place was WONDERFUL... I highly recommend. If you like Tango, Basil or Nectar you'll love Maia

        1. The upstairs, more formal Maia is now open. Has anyone tried it yet?

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          1. re: the dog ate my homework

            Are you sure? I was just there on Saturday night and the upstairs was still closed, and they didn't sound hopeful about opening it in the near future. My meal downstairs was pretty good.

          2. I ate downstairs this weekend and the host said that there had just been a friends and family party at the upstairs and that the official opening was maybe going to be that night (Monday)? I snuck upstairs to take a peek: looks very 'chi-chi boo-boo', with cool couches to lounge on for cocktails and cool, slick details in the dining room. Kind of Nectar-ish. I just hope the menu is more varied than Nectar; not so stuck on a theme...