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May 5, 2008 07:56 PM

Wide Cooktop?

As part of a kitchen redesign, we are looking for a gas cooktop that would actually be designed for large pots. Most cooktops seem to provide limited space between burners, making it difficult to have several large pots running at once. I'd like the center of the burners to be about 11-12 inches apart but, in my research, it seems that most of them are about 9.5 inches apart. Do you know anyone that makes such product? If not, what's the widest space you've seen between burners?

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  1. "Domino" burners spread out might be an answer. Widely available here in the UK.
    See the bottom of this page:

    1. What about the continuous grate models on most professional style cooktops? Will those work for you? Look at Viking's web site, or the new drop-ins from Blue Star (although they look narrower).

      1. I have a Viking 36" rangetop with 6 burners. I can have two large 8qt stock pots side by side without a problem. a large stock pot and a 14" skillet gets tight side by side

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          The getting tight side by side is exactly the problem. It seems that most cooktops out there are designed with the idea that, out of 4 burners, you'll only use 2 of them with big pans at any given time. I just wish there were ways to actually make sure that 2 14" skillets could be used simultaneously but the more I look into it, the less it seems like such a dream is realizable in the US...