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May 5, 2008 07:55 PM

Taco Bell - Bacon Club Chalupa?

Has anyone else tried this? Maybe it was the hot girls in the commercials that sold me, or my love for bacon, but I tried it this weekend and shamefully admit that I actually liked it. I figured I wouldn't be able to taste the "bacon" (I mean, is it really even pork?) but I did and found that it disappeared with a matter of about 60 seconds. They offer a chicken and steak version, and since I've had the steak nacho cheese chalupa before, I went that route. Curious to hear everyone else's thoughts on it...

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  1. I had the chicken version yesterday, and I too was surprised how tasty this was. Nice balance of flavors, lots of bacon and chicken, and the bread/chalupa thingie was warm and soft. Balanced out by cool lettuce and tomato. Also, a tasty ranch-type sauce/dressing.

    Between that and the spicy chicken cruchwrap supreme, there's enough chicken choices there for me to patronize TB occassionally since I don't eat beef.

    1. nacho cheese chicken gordita. eat it.

      1. have not tried it, but is there anything that isn't better w/ some bacon added? Of course not. It's on my "to try" list.

        1. Taco Bell is one of my guilty pleasures.
          I have tried the BCC and very much liked it.

          Here in Canada they serve fries instead of chips. I get chili cheese burritos and put fries and hot sauce in them. Mmmmm


          1. I tried this yesterday and really wasn't impressed. It didn't have any flavor, and the bacon pieces tasted more like Bacos to me than real bacon.

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              I tried it this weekend and I have to agree, not impressed. The "chalupa" shell was about 75% of the whole thing - hardly any filling at all (though I did taste the bacon). I don't remember any sauce or dressing on mine. Oh well, on that strip of Shepherd in Houston, ALL the fast food places are very poor representatives of their chains.