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May 5, 2008 07:15 PM

Hounds Do Dim Sum

Tatamagouche organized a Chowish expedition for Denver Hounds to pig out on dim sum yesterday morning. We were planning on Super Star, but the wait was long, so we shifted to King's Land across the parking lot. Chinatown-style rolling carts laden with find dim sum varities. Incredibly reasonable. I can't begin to remember everything we had, but here's a go: steamed shrimp dumplings in an envelope of very soft noodle dough, firmer shrimp dumplings, steamed buns, congee, fried sesame dumplings, steamed mushroom packets, roast duck, sticky rice with salt egg and Chinese sausage, steamed shrimp in their shells, turnip cake made on the spot with a special stove on wheels and tripe, all acompanied by tea from a bottomless pot. CharShui knows the Chinese names for many of these dishes. After a couple of congenial hours, eight happy eaters tumbled out into the Sunday mid-day sun. .

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  1. There was also salt-and-pepper shrimp, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, pork rib on the bone...Those rice-stuffed fried-taro shells...
    I know a lot of folks prefer Super Star; since I haven't been yet, I can't compare. But I can say it looked cramped & stressfully hectic, whereas cavernous King's Land (whose size reminded me of a lot of the dim sum palaces in Boston's Chinatown) was much calmer. I suppose some people find that hectic aspect part of the experience, but chasing down cartpushers is enough of an element of randomness for me without adding the factor of competition with other diners. I just want to eat, man. And we did, like, obviously, kings!

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      And let's not forget the sweets: little custard pies (don tots), coconut jello/block and those little custard-stuffed turnovers. A ton of good food at a very reasonable price!

      1. re: Charsiu

        Indeed! I think someone said it was a total of 31 (dishes). (Claire has already done a post about it on her blog, and I'll do one on mine soon. Thanks as usual to the moderators for letting us post the notice.)

    2. JEALOUS - next time I hope we are NOB. Sunday morning we were feasting on fresh fruit, thick-sliced bacon, huevos Mexicana and a fresh pineapple preserves in Matahuala, Mx at the Las Palmas Midway Inn. Denver area chows always have a bed here when you come down and we will show you the finest holes-in-the-wall places to dine in Patzcuaro.

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        Hmm...given your circumstances, it's a little hard to feel sorry for you for missing out!

        I don't remember who pointed out that being seated near the kitchen, as we were, is a serious advantage when at a dim-sum joint, as opposed to at a fancy dining destination. Another advantage, of course, is having what Charsiu called a "go-to guy"; he did, to all of our delight.

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          Sounds great! I was looking forward to the report. Nice pics in your blog. As you know, would have loved to join you. Next time...........

          1. re: Rubee

            Yay, Rubee! (CO hounds, Rubee is a part-time AZ, part-time Boston hound who makes the most amazing pan-fried peppers.)

            BTW, does anyone know how those pork ribs are done? They're very (when one, fearing one is asking a stupid question, eschews the pronoun "I" in favor of "one") almost wonders if they were boiled...

            1. re: tatamagouche

              They are probably steamed. Here is a fun little video on how to make them:

      2. Sorry I missed you guys! I was there with a friend at the same time. We probably walked past you on our way out, if you were sitting by the kitchen. Didn't know it until I saw Claire's post on her blog. Sounds like quite the feast! Dim sum is definitely better with a crowd.