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May 5, 2008 07:00 PM

Seafood dinner in Providence

My husband and I will be staying in Providence for 1 night in June. We'd love to get some authentic Rhode island seafood. Any suggestions? Alternatively, if you think there is a "must eat" in town let us know -- we are open to suggestions (and love all types of food).

We'll be staying at the Hotel Providence; any good restaurants close to our hotel would be a bonus.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I hear the hotel is beautiful, but the restaurant attached to it, L'epicureo, I can't reccomend. Given the location I would strongly reccomend Gracie's which is in walking distance on Washington St. In addition to local seafood, they serve mostly all local and sustainable products, impeccably prepared. For a local favorite for seafood I love Providence Oyster Bar on Atwells ave. That is the Federall Hill neighborhood which is fun to stroll before or after dinner, however the restaurant is not Italian but lots of great local seafood. Have fun and come back often!

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    1. re: sarabean

      "I hear the hotel is beautiful, but the restaurant attached to it, L'epicureo, I can't reccomend."

      You probably can't recommend it because it's closed. :)

        1. re: sarabean

          that place was good a few years ago, in fact amazing, and then they switched chefs and the whole menu changed and it was no longer any good. Too bad the owners didn't just leave well enough alone.

          1. re: alistrand

            When they were on Atwells it was arguably one of the best restaurants in the state. I can't imagine having that and squandering it, for what? Oh well, next batter up!

    2. For upscale, Hemenway's or the Oyster House, but for fried seafood, try Horton's in East Providence...