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May 5, 2008 06:58 PM

Hudson Valley Legends, Basement Bistro & Stone Barns

Looking for amazing places like The Basement Bistro (unbelievable) & Blue Hill Stone Barns (very good) in the Hudson Valley. These two places are so hard to secure a reservation at. Any suggestions? Xaviers Reataurants (all) & Valley Restaurant in Garrison as well as Rhinebeck & all of Columbia & Ulster & Dutchess counties were major disapointments. Help!

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  1. My ultimate favorite restaurant is The Iron Forge Inn in Bellvale (near Warwick, Orange County). Beautiful building, great service, incredible and creative food.

    I'm sure everyone is sick of me recommending the place, but I love it so much I'd shout it on the mountaintop if I could.

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      LOL...seeing you recommend this place so many times has made me really want to try it. Looks like it's about an hour away from me. From their early spring menu: Caramelized Onion and Wheat Beer Soup...that sounds delicious!!!!

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        Any one: What are the prices like at Iron Forge Inn? There are no prices on the menu on their Web site.

        1. re: KateC.

          When my husband and I eat there, the total bill, without tip, usually comes to about $80-$100 depending on how many drinks we order (we're not big drinkers, so it's rarely ever more than one each) and whether or not we order an appetizer or a salad or soup. We never do all three, but choose one of the three.

      2. Blue Hill only got a very good??? I think it's the finest place I've ever been to.

        What about Rebecca's in Greenwich? Food is amazing but i'll admit the ambiance is lacking. I feel like if I crack a grin I'll be tossed out.

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        1. re: OrganicLife

          Absolutely! Blue Hill only "very good" & thats a stretch especially after our most recent visit. The combinations & execution were lackluster at best. They have adopted the same style tasting menu for the summer (Meaning a set menu that changes every day) as The Basement Bistro & I have to say it was our worst experience ever at Stone Barns. One of the charcuterie tasted like old Bologna, the courses were either too salty or under seasoned & the combinations just didn't work,tomatoes in6 or 7 of the dishes, the desserts were basically inedible (olive oil beet cake?? yogurt foam was very unpleasant to say the least) & the whole experience left us unsatisfied. At 125pp w/o wine etc. we'll wait a while before returning. Thanks for the Rebecca's suggestion. However we too like to crack a smile when dining out.

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            Interesting. We ate at Blue hill on Sat night and it was perfection from start to finish. I love tomatoes so I was thrilled to see field tomatoes and heirlooms included in various dishes. I was also blown away by a chicken mushroom...and like usual I left with new knowledge of food and farming. As a grower myself, granted it's on a teeny tiny scale, I love coming away from a meal with an education of sorts. And the cheese course was divine!