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May 5, 2008 06:51 PM

I-70 St. Louis to Denver

Time for another road trip. This time we're driving from St. Louis to Denver (Boulder, actually) next month. What are some good, not-to-expensive places we should check out while we're on the road?

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  1. Depending on when you leave St. Louis, I'd recommend Ernie's Cafe in downtown Columbia, Mo. Great breakfast spot (and breakfast is served until 3 p.m.)

    Or, skip the stop in CoMo and save room for some Kansas City BBQ. Plenty of threads on KC 'que around here, but I will put my 2 cents behind Arthur Bryant's.

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    1. re: MilwaukeeChow

      I have not been to Arthur Bryants. But I did recently go to two other joints and I highly recommend LC's.


    2. check out keith's excellent website:
      Cozy Inn in Salina for sliders
      Brookville hotel in Abilene
      Czech Food in Wilson
      Bunker Hill Cafe in Buker Hill
      Seabrook Tavern in Topeka
      Free State Brewing in Lawrence

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      1. re: bbqboy

        Free State in Lawrence is definitely worth a stop.

      2. you'll find much more interesting things along rte. 50 from STL. from Lawrence to Topeka take 6th street which morphs into rte. 40 and back into 6th in Topeka then switch over to 24, hooking back up with 70 (never far away if you despair) near the Colorado border.

        you will get screwed on time...

        1. In Hays, Kansas:

          1. AL'S CHICKENETTE: 700 Vine St, Hays, KS, 785-625-7414

          Established 1949, this is one of the longest-running restaurants in NW Kansas. The draw is the eccentric fried chicken, which is crisp and dry. One of us had the chicken-fried steak instead and enjoyed that. Good fries, lots of skin. The salad was the least fresh I've ever finished, but I was glad to have it.

          2. GELLA'S DINER AND LB. Brewing Company 117 E 11th St Hays KS

          (these suggestions are from other people's Chowhound posts)