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May 5, 2008 06:50 PM

Pepper pot soup in Philly

Where can I find pepper pot soup in the area? My family and I will be visiting from LA and are interested in trying food that we can't get in LA. Also, where can I get a good German butter cake? If there are other food that are regional specialties (other than cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches) that are not to be missed, please include them. TIA!

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  1. City Tavern has one...never had it, but they have a decent reputation so i imagine its good. Be warned though...the servers where funny outfits

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      If there is a way to only go to city tavern to have the pepper pot soup that do it. It's a major tourist trap and not cheap, but I don't know anywhere else that makes pepper pot soup.

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        I seem to recall seeing a cooking demonstration on PBS by the chef at City Tavern making Pepper Pot. From what I remember, their recipe is *not* authentic Philadelphia style; they instead use a Caribbean recipe that doesn't even include tripe!

      2. I'm not sure if any of the bakeries in the tourist center of town make buttercake. If you will have a car, and don't mind a little ride, check out Holmesburg Bakery or Geiger's Bakery, both in Northeast Philly. You can google map the locations. They are about 20 minute-half an hour outside of center city, depending on traffic. Or, since you should definitely visit the Reading Terminal Market when you are in town, make sure you go on a day when the Amish are there...the Amish bakery may have it.

        While in the Reading Terminal Market, get a pretzel from Fisher's Amish stand, and then compare it to a pretzel from Federal bakery, available at the Pennsylvania General Store stand.

        While these two items are available anywhere, I believe only in Philadelphia are they served together...fried oysters and chicken salad. Also, is snapper soup a Philly only thing? If so, you should try it.

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          Are the buttercakes at these bakeries the ones with a pudding-like center? That's what I'm looking for. Do any restaurants near Independence Hall serve fried oysters and chicken salad together?

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            The last place I ordered fried oysters and chicken salad from was Sansom Street Oyster House in Center City. I'm not sure if it's still on the menu but they would definitely have snapper soup. Go for 1) oysters 2) snapper soup 3) grilled fish dinners (shad is in season now - can't get shad in LA). Avoid fusion sounding dishes. Should forewarn you that their service have been a little erratic lately. Avoid Friday evenings, especially happy hour since the oyster shuckers do not seem to be able to keep up. Having lived in LA, I recommend Sansom Street Oyster House for a taste of old fashion east coast fish place.

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              This place sounds promising. Is it kid-friendly, though?

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                Never seen groups with young children, with teenagers, yes.

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            I have had the butter cake from Geiger's a few times and it is very good, and yes it is one with a pudding-like center.