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May 5, 2008 06:27 PM

Places to eat near the Orpheum?

Going to the Orpheum next Saturday night, and have no idea where to eat
I'll be with a Picky Eater, btw.
Any suggestions?

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  1. From The Orpheum's website (list needs to be updated):

    Colori Kitchen (recommended) not on Orpheum's list.
    Call ahead for RSVN 213-622-5950 and BYOB.
    429 W. 8th Street, 3- 4 doors east of Olive.

    Can recommend other restaurants if you set Picky Eater parameters.

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    1. re: yinyangdi

      Thanks for the reply!
      Hmmm...pretty much to sum it up, Picky Eater likes anything that goes with Ranch. Basic, I guess you'd call it. If you're psyched out, I understand. :-)

      1. re: hbgrrl

        hmm, well, I don't really like Ranch, myself (I'm picky, too, I guess). But, if you want basic, close to Orpheum and that's open on Saturday night: CPK, Daily Grill, Liberty Grill, Casey's, Pete's Cafe, and The Restaurant at The Standard.

        Although, I must say, I am not a fan of any of these places, but if I had to pick one I would say ... The Restaurant at The Standard. But, I dunno if they have Ranch.

        Oh, I know: The Redwood Bar & Grill. It might be a little further away from the the others, on 2nd Street btwn Hill & Broadway, but I've had decent burgers, salads, fish & chips there.

    2. Woodspoon
      107 West 9th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015
      Phone: 213-629-1765

      Brazilian home cooking!

      1. The original comment has been removed