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May 5, 2008 06:20 PM

Octopus as a main course.

I fell in love with Octopus at a Greek restaurant in the Tampa, Florida area that my family used to go to when I was a kid (yes, I clearly was not your average youth - I couldn't convince any of my family to try to it, but I loved it). I've looked at many Greek places in Manhattan and Astoria but it seems that the places serving Octopus always have it as an appetizer. What I used to get back in the day was very much a main course, with all kinds of pieces. Does anyone know a place (let alone a good place) that serves Octopus as a main course? Greek-style would be preferred but I'm open to anything. Thanks!

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  1. I just had an amazing octopus dish at Degustation on Friday. Maybe my favorite dish of the night. I attached my picture.

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      The octopus at Degustation is excellent, but it's a tasting menu portion, definitely not a main. I've ordered the octopus appetizer at Uncle Nick's several times - it's a large enough portion for a light main course and you sometimes get parts that don't look like the usual tentacles. I wouldn't say it's exceptionally good though.

    2. its not a main course, but the octopus appetizer at 15 East (sushi) is the best octopus I've ever had (i like octopus alot). They massage the octopus for 2 hrs before slowly poaching it. The result is by far the most tender octopus I've ever had. It's served simply with sea salt.

      I'll guarantee that you will be very happy with this dish if you like octopus at greek restaurants. Besides that 15 East is one of the best sushi restaurants in the city.

      1. I had a very good grilled octopus entree at Esca this past weekend.

        1. Suba on the LES serves a decent-sized "pulpo a la plancha," and Kefi has a grilled octopus and bean salad. They're appetizers, but pretty big, and I would recommend both.

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            I really like the pulpo at Casa Mono, though it is a "small plate" and not an entree.

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              The octopus at Peasant was also very nice. It's a hearty small plate portion, but exactly an entree.

              I would image that very few restaurants will serve octupus as main as it seems like most New Yorkers may not be used to having a big serving of octopus. If you search the outerbroughs you may be able to find it at some ethnic restaurants.