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May 5, 2008 06:17 PM

Need a recommendation for Seafood restaurant for Mothers Day

I've tried Dukes in Malibu and Roys in Costa Mesa. Both have been pretty good. Id like to try another sureshot Seafood restaurant for Mothers Day. Can you help me out?

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  1. You could try "The Lobster" in Santa Monica for strictly seafood on the ocean.

    1. Providence. Better than pretty good. By several light years. Pricier, too, but isn't Mom worth it?

      Water Grill is also good.

      1. Ocean Avenue Seafood in Santa Monica is pretty good. Plus, they have a pretty patio. Water Grill in Downtown LA is good, too.

        1. if you happen to want brunch buffet style, i Cugini does a nice mommy's day w/ mimosas and fresh seafood bar, as well as other dishes, omelette station, cooked dishes, etc.

          1. Casa del Mar in Santa Monica

            Beautiful and great food!

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              thanks everyone for suggestions. Ocean Ave sounds good!

              1. re: waxfondler

                You have to treat Mum to Providence. impeccable to say the least